From Sardinia to Tyrol to overcome staff shortages

AWe have been extensively covered and documented in several articles the serious difficulties of companies in finding labor, especially in the tourism and seasonal sectors, although it is a phenomenon that has affected all sectors and business sectors in recent years. In our research, listening to all the parties between companies and workers, employment centers and training institutes, it emerged that the causes of this problem are diverse and varied, although with a matrix that sees in some governmental laws the main cause of a system of work sunk in thousand criticalities. A situation that has led to the vast majority of structures, especially in the tourism sector start the season under templateothers even to postpone its opening.

Lack of staff, Workitaut response

It started in the model of synergies the JUNIORgoPRO project promoted by Workitaut based in Austria, a company dedicated to the training and integration of young people in the hotel sector. With JUNIORgoPRO Austria and Sardinia uniteterritories with a strong tourist connotation, combining the winter season of the Austrian Tyrol and the summer of the island in a long-term cooperation between the two territories, with the common goal of addressing the criticality of the shortage of qualified staff.


The presentation of the project

Elke Oberleitner of Sprachraum and Nadja Maffei of, the two souls of the project, presented the initiative in Cagliari. “Workitaut / Kompe Trend GMBH’s training and job placement program – explained Elke Oberleitner in her speech – began a few years ago and was immediately very successful and today makes use of the collaboration with the IOC Food and Wine Academy, in association with the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce (WCO), the Tyrolean Institute for Economic Development (WIFI) and Tyrolean four and five star hotels, located in the most beautiful places of the Tyrolean mountains. We believe that with this project we have started a medium and long term collaboration “.

The meeting was attended by some Sardinian girls and boys who witnessed the pilot project of last winter who confirmed the validity of the format, able to guarantee excellent training from a system of work organized in high structures. level.

Representing the IOC Food and Wine Academy Gianfranco Massa and Giancarlo Dessì who wanted to emphasize the importance of these projects capable of ensuring personal growth and development by comparison.

Catering, hospitality, room service and German language

At the end of the press conference we met and interviewed Nadja Maffei who runs, a company specializing in language courses. “The training program includes 3 winter seasons over 2 years -says Nadja- and allows students to be trained in German and in the disciplines of catering, hospitality and room service, while allowing them to work in the winter season with a salary, with a contract that also includes room and food ».

The partner hotels of the project offer students, from the second year of training, a two-year scholarship from 350 euros. The JUNIORgoPRO program promotes the knowledge of Austrian culture in its training, to guide them in the best way in career guidance, providing participants with qualified support for proper insertion in Tyrolean hotels and the tourism sector in general. To access the training is must be over 18 years old and a member of an EU country.

“Tyrol has been implemented for the last 20 years important policies related to the training and well-being of hotel staff come from all over Europe – concludes Nadja – and we work in compliance with schedules and rest days, with monthly salaries from 1400 euros, with Free accommodation and meals in comfortable single rooms“.

The boys’ experience

The confirmation of the value of JUNIORgoPRO is in the words of Chiara, a girl who participated in the project and who wanted to highlight the quality of the format that focuses on the subject and training. “The real difference with my previous work experiences,” says Chiara, “is the respect for the position called for.” Each of us remains focused throughout the training course on the specific job and is not used for other tasks, and so we can grow and acquire the foundations of the chosen profession. In addition, common leisure activities are encouraged, such as leisure and sports. In my work experience it has often happened to me to go hiking or skiing with co-workers, creating a team spirit and more harmony which is fundamental to daily work. ”

Marco sees Delphina group staff, one of the most important entrepreneurial realities of the tourism sector in Sardinia. “It was a great experience, a time of great growth -said Marco- because we have entered a new and very gratifying vision of the work, with star chefs by our side who follow you and correct the smallest inaccuracies, which transmit to you secrets of the great masters ».

Selection of participants

The dates of the open days that will take place on the Workitaut website have already been published selection of the twelve students which may begin in September the training course in Cagliari, then leave on December 1 for the winter season in Tyrol. This from Workitaut is a small but important answer to the difficulties of finding skilled labor. However, it is the institutions in charge that must take on the task of questioning and remedying a phenomenon that is bringing the tourism economy and, in general, the business world in general to its knees.

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