Football, Perrone happy: “Bari, at last”

BARI – Carletto Perrone represents much more than a former footballer who remained at the heart of the Bari fans. He could do so much more. Also to make fun of time. Thirty-two years ago, in the nineties, he last appeared in a white and red shirt. It seems like yesterday, though. And anything but a trivial memory.
Seventy-one appearances in three seasons, between many smiles and even a very bitter bite (the knee that hits the prettiest). It was enough for Perrone to become an adopted Bari. Anyone over the age of forty knows what we are talking about. He knows who Carletto is and what he was able to do in the field. Golden boy, by the way. A not inconsiderable detail, on the contrary. The serious man, the complete professional even before the talented footballer. His regattas and his speed, in that Bari on his wing was a spectacle of nature. Think about it, in the countryside with that other phenomenon of nature that responds to the name of Pietro Maiellaro. In those days we were treated well. And Bari enjoyed it, with his chest out.

Perrone, well found. This time it’s his turn to comment on a successful season.
“I am just happy to be here. The people of Bari know how much I care about them and how my heart is tied to that shirt. Those who know football can never underestimate a victory in the Serie C championship. “
Now, however, comes the best part. And maybe even the hard part.
“One thing at a time. When Bari had to deal with failure, it was said that the priority would be to get back to the football that counts as soon as possible. The De Laurentiis family has to admit it. Then I’m not stupid and I know well the ambition of the square ».
Maybe it would be a mistake to want to aim for Serie A right away. Or not?
“It simply came to our notice then. When you call yourself Bari, you can’t plan a transition season or have salvation as your goal. We need realism, of course.
And what?
“The workforce has values ​​but it needs to be strengthened. Without necessarily going crazy. I’m sure Diesse Polito will build a group that knows how to be competitive. As long as the Serie A does not become an obsession. It takes time to build something credible. But that doesn’t mean Bari can’t be immediately ambitious. And then I have to hurry. I say this with affection to the fans. It would mean not having learned from the recent disasters. You need a healthy club to write pages of history.
Policy between market and group management. Mignani in the field, a man of great substance. Bari has found a successful tandem.
“It simply came to our notice then. And, as I said before, winning is never trivial. Especially when you do it in major cities like Bari. There is an exciting excitement, but when you play in Serie C and also in Serie B, the fan is especially interested in celebrating it at the end of the season.
De Laurentiis has decided: let’s start again from Polito and Mignani.
“We are talking about a family that knows how to play football, handmade. It would have been crazy not to confirm two professionals who have done so well. Bari is in good hands.
But so different …
“I do not know them personally. I am especially grateful to Mignani. And his way of being. You hear him talk and you understand that he is not believed to have invented football. He is one of the few coaches who admits they need strong players to win. Here, I love Ancelotti. And so I can’t help but appreciate someone like Mignani. Instead, I stay away from crying. And for those who think they make more of a difference than those who go on the field. Do you want a specific example? “

“Salvemini’s Bari won, Catuzzi’s did not. Do we want to talk about Catuzzi? It would be a blasphemy. Salvemini had a stronger team and brought the maximum result. With the players who made the big noise.
What does Bari need to live a season as a protagonist?
“True, there are substantial differences between C and B. But I would avoid revolutions. When you dominate a league like Bari did, it means that there are important values. I am convinced that with four top men Bari can also be have fun in Series B “.
The movement is not wrong.
“Experience tells me the striker. To be in the lead you can’t do without a real striker. And I also know how to choose it: just look at the almanacs. At the ends they never betray ».
Mixture of youth and experience. Right?
“He distinguishes between good and bad players. Age is relative. Of course, if I think about what Ibrahimovic represented at Milan, also and especially in the dressing room, I remember that personality is an important value. That it has the power to grow those around you. Let’s take the Pioli case. Everyone had called him an ass. Then everything changed. Pioli, in fact. Another to Ancelotti. Football needs these characters. “
Who impressed you about Bari who won the C?
“He was training in Portugal and I couldn’t follow him much. I know Scavone, we were together in Novara when I was on the Tesser team. Good boy, good footballer. I think he has recovered well.

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