Federica Brignone awarded by the Sports Academy: “Thank you Bergamo, what pride”

Bergamo. You can also prove to be a champion when you leave the tools of the trade and re-dress in civilian clothes.

A feature to which it definitely belongs Federica Brignonemultiple alpine skiing champion who on the evening of Saturday 11 June was invited by the Sports Academy for Solidarity in Bergamo, which this year decided to award her with the VIP of honor in memory of Luciana and Gianni Radici for the results of the extension obtained in recent seasons.

Surprised, but very grateful for the recognition, the (almost) 32-year-old Milanese gladly visited the new sports center built in the Cittadella dello Sport in via Monte Gleno 2, between two wings of fans and supporters whom she did not do. deny smiles, autographs and the inevitable selfies.

“I didn’t expect this award,” admits Brignone. ‘I imagined they would come. to think of me. For me it is a pride and an honor to be considered by people who in recent years have made themselves available to others. Whoever has such goals and fights for a sport that is accessible to everyone deserves all the compliments in the world. I met Giovanni Licini, a man with a captivating enthusiasm, passionate about everything he does. I am truly honored to have received this award. “

Despite its proximity, its sporting commitments had never allowed it to go beyond the Bergamo stop: “For the first time I was able to stop and the city, despite not having had the opportunity to visit it as a tourist, I he liked it. very very much. I’m used to Milan, it’s more relaxed here. I must also say that the sports center is beautiful and I also congratulate the organization for the beautiful Gala evening during which they really made me feel at home. Then from the Cittadella dello Sport I was able to admire the sunset over the upper city: wonderful, I will definitely return “.

If as a visitor or participant in the solidarity tournament it is still too early to say: “But I play tennis,” he explains, “maybe in the next few years there will be this opportunity, I would like to.” At the moment it is complicated with the training ”.

In this period, in fact, Brignone is already working to better prepare for next season: “At the sporting level I have already started a month or so, with hard and growing rhythms. Then we will start to lower the volumes and go into the details: at the end of August I will put my skis back on and go to Argentina. I am very motivated and willing to give 100%, despite having the serenity of having already won everything I dreamed of as a child. But I want to make other good results and get other satisfactions. With my brother, who is my coach, we are preparing a technical work project, mentally I am already recovering. I definitely want to be ready for the World Cup. “

Looking at last season, no regrets, or maybe one: “It’s a shame only for the Super-G Olympics, but the two-medal figure has dropped more than I expected. The season was amazing and frankly at first I only had one goal to achieve between twenty world titles and an Olympic medal. Instead, the goal of the victories came, the two medals in giant and combined in Beijing and the supergiant of the World Cup: all far beyond expectations, even for how it started, with all the restrictions. The end, however, was a lot of fun, with the return of the people and the Olympics which, despite the mentally difficult conditions, went well. I’m someone who likes to participate and make groups with other athletes and this year it hasn’t been possible: but in the end you’re going to win something and I’ve done it. “

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