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For the green PNRR it is a race against time: on June 30, 6 milestones (ie qualitative objectives) and objectives (ie quantitative objectives) of the 11 that the Ministry of Ecological Transition ( Myth) has not yet been concluded, but they are being finalized. There are still three calls to close, two of hydrogen and one of education, and three decrees are to be finalized, two of circular economy and one of hydrogen. This is clear from the report “Where we are”, published by the ministry on the results to be achieved in the first half of 2022 in order to respect the commitments made with the European Commission. Il Mite has fulfilled all the commitments of 2021, they write from via Cristoforo Colombo, but this year 20 more M&T will have to be achieved, of which 11 in the first half of 2022, of which four related to investments and seven related . to reforms.

Investments to be made. Three investment milestones are expected to be completed by the end of June, including “Culture and Awareness of Environmental Issues and Challenges”. The measure aims to allocate a total of 30 million euros to the development of content, ie, “introduce an open platform containing relevant material to initiate communication activities to the public” on environmental issues. A web platform will be launched in late June and agreements will be signed with authors to create and make available 180 podcasts and video lessons for schools and content creation. In recent weeks, Il Mite has signed a protocol with RAI and the Ministry of Education for the production and distribution of video classes and, with the support of Invitalia, the call for creative and production activities has been issued. , closing received more than 15 contestants. project proposals. The tender will be awarded in the first fortnight of June and the web platform will be launched in the second half of the month. For June, all “hydrogen research and development contracts” will be awarded, for 160 million euros, in 4 lines of research: i) green hydrogen production, ii) development of storage technologies and hydrogen transport and for hydrogen transformation. other green derivatives and fuels; iii) development of fuel cells; iv) intelligent infrastructure management systems. The research plan was approved (with Enea as a participant) and the program agreement for 110 million euros was also signed. The calls for an additional 50 million euros, of which 30 for private companies and 20 for universities and public research bodies, closed the reception of proposals on 16 May, with more than 95 projects submitted for 245 million euros. ‘euros. Tenders will be awarded in the second half of June. Also in June, with the allocation of resources to the interventions of the Ipcei (Important projects of common European interest), the first component of resources for the construction of industrial capacity for the production of electrolysers for hydrogen production. The initiative, with a total budget of 450 million euros, aims to create skills in Italy and develop a European chain in the production and use of hydrogen (ensuring a capacity of 1 Gw – billion watts ). To this end, MITE conducted a market survey and initiated a working table with Mise. In April, the so-called decree of electrolyzers was issued (Ministerial Decree 168 of 27 April 2022) which provides for three lines of intervention: one for the financing of interventions through a national IPCEI route and European; one for funding through a call for new projects; finally, one to select projects aimed at developing the production line of electrolyzers through a mechanism similar to that of the Development Contracts, managed by Mite.

Reforms to be implemented. As for the reforms to be completed by the end of June, three more M&Ts are expected to be achieved. Specifically, two reforms refer to the “Circular economy and sustainable agriculture” component, which consists of the entry into force of the ministerial decree for the adoption of the national circular economy strategy and the entry into force of the ministerial decree. approval of the national program. for waste management. For the first, the consultation with stakeholders was completed and more than 100 contributions were received; on the other hand, the public consultation of the second, which is in the process of strategic environmental assessment (Vai), was launched.

The latest reform still to be achieved is the “Measures for the Competitiveness of Hydrogen”. By the legislative decree of April 30, 2022, n. 36, came into force the tax incentives to support the production and consumption of green hydrogen, which provide that the consumption of electricity from renewable sources in electrolysis plants for the production of green hydrogen will not be subject to payment of general fees relating to the electrical system. The ministerial decree of relative application is expected shortly.

Investments made. “Digitization of national parks and marine protected areas” is the only investment made so far. The initiative aims to invest 100 million euros for nature conservation, the implementation of visitor services and the administrative simplification of the 24 national parks and 31 Italian marine protected areas. The development of digital services and the acceleration of the process of administrative simplification began in March by issuing a dedicated decree (Ministerial Decree 127 of 22/3/2022), which marked the milestone relating to investment. The next steps include the completion of the visitor care convention and administrative simplification and the start of conservation and monitoring activities for endangered habitats and species.

Implemented reforms. Through the approval of the agreement for the development of the Action Plan for the creation of support capacities for local entities, the objective of “Technical support for local entities” was achieved. The aim is to provide technical support to local authorities to expedite waste management authorization procedures and tenders for the construction of new waste treatment plants.

With regard to the “Simplification and acceleration of procedures for carrying out interventions for energy efficiency”, the elements of simplification and acceleration of the procedures provided for by the Pnrr were introduced, including the launch of the Portal in collaboration with Enea, the national agency. for new technologies. Regulatory actions were needed to complete the reform, including the issue of reforming the central government’s energy reclassification program (Prepac) and monitoring the Sismabonus (Mon Energy and Mon Pnrr, respectively). 2). In addition, in April, Il Mite and Enea put into service the first functions of the national portal on the energy efficiency of buildings.

On the “Simplification and acceleration of procedures for carrying out interventions against hydrogeological instability” in the 2022 budget law the simplification of the legal framework was introduced and more recently with the legislative decree 30/4/2022, n. 36 some amendments have been introduced to Legislative Decree no. 152/2006. In particular, it is envisaged that it will be possible to proceed even without the opinion of the State-Regions Conference on basin plans if no decision has been taken within 30 days of the request. This provision entails a simplification and acceleration of the processes as it aims to avoid a blockage of the planned process.

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