Elodie and Marracash: A Love Story

The one in between Elodie and Marracash is a love story that involved fans of the singer and rapper as well as the overwhelming rhythm of their songs. A link, which has seen and sees the two protagonists, not only sentimental but also professional. When they sing together for the first time in 2019, Elodie and Marracash already have a successful career well underway: the success that includes the presentation is part of the album. This is Elodie of the singer and has the title Margarita. Launched in June, in the middle of summer, it quickly became a hit. Meanwhile, the two begin a relationship that will end a few years later, in 2021. With the end of the story, however, does not end the love and professional affection, which continues to bind the two as we will see following together some stages of the link between Elodie and Marracash.

2019 by Elodie and Marracash

We have anticipated, we can not fail to mention the couple Elodie and Marracash not to mention the professional relationship that unites them, as evidenced by the collaboration for the realization of the piece Margarita, which was released in June 2019. A song with an exciting rhythm, with a brightly colored music video highlighting the understanding between the singer and the rapper. The bond of complicity that transcends the music video and that accompanies the song really exists, even when the camera is off and the news of their relationship catches the attention of gossip, as well as that of fans of the singer and rapper. Elodie and Marracash are together and they soon become one of the most curious couples in the world of Italian music. From a professional point of view, 2019 is also the year of the release of the album Person of Marracash, which contains, among others, a song that includes Mahmood (which is also among the authors of the song, as well as Marracash himself) of the title I’m not Marra – The skin.

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In 2020 by Elodie and Marracash

The relationship of Elodie and Marracash continues and professional projects continue for both. Elodie’s participation in the Sanremo Festival 2020where the singer competes with the song Andromeda from Mahmood I Dardust. It’s not the first time Elodie participates in the Sanremo Festival: in 2017 his participation in the contest with the title song It’s all my faultfrom Emma Marrone, Oscar Angiuli, Weather in Francesco Cianciola I Giovanni Pollex. Going back to 2020, the album will be released on January 31st This is Elodiewhich contains the song Margaritaas well as other duets as the sole protagonist of the piece Think wrong engraved with i The Colors. As for Marracash’s career, it was in March that he recorded the single Elisa by title Neon – The wings.

In 2021 by Elodie and Marracash

It’s March when Elodie returns to the stage Ariston Theater of Sanremo, this time with a different role from the previous year, where he was a singer in the competition. She is chosen to lead along with Amadeus I Fiorellothe second afternoon of Sanremo Festival 2021. In addition to presenting the singers in the competition, the singer performs in a medley where she also plays part of the song Andromeda with which he had participated in the Sanremo Festival 2020. Seven months later, thanks to plans published by the magazine WHO that immortalize Elodie in the company of Davide Rossi, begins to circulate the suspicion that something has cracked in the couple formed by the singer and Marracash. Confirmation that Elodie and Marracash separated arrives in November. Marracash, in an interview with Corriere della Sera on the occasion of the release of the album We, them, the othersspeaks openly of the End of relationshipstating that the two separated during the making of the album and that in the video of the song Crazy love the couple stages the end of their relationship. And, in fact, it is precisely the feeling that accompanies the end of a love affair that appears in the eyes of the viewer of the video, the viewer Elodie and Marracash organize a fencing fight, as well as looks that convey a sense of melancholy.

in 2019 by Elodie and Marracash

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Rumors of an alleged flashback

In April 2022, there were rumors of an alleged flashback between Elodie and Marracash. The weekly WHO post some photos of which the protagonists are the singer and the rapper, and the fans hope that the two will be a couple again. I hope Marrakechtalking to him Corriere della Seraa clarify. Specifically, the rapper states: “Our relationship still exists. It’s hard to explain, however, to people accustomed to predefined boxes. It’s not a relationship as they understand it out there, but we love each other very, very much.”

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