Don Bryan’s first Mass

A party planned in the Cathedral for 49 years and it was a great feast framed by a splendid sunny day: the church was full as in anti-Covid times. Sunday morning Fr. Bryan Osti, 27, celebrated the first Mass next September after the priestly ordination that took place on Saturday in Rovigo Cathedral. from the hands of Bishop Pierantonio, together with him Davide Gasparetto di Lendinara and Riccardo Volpin of Rovigo.

The last priest “son” of the parish of the Cathedral was Fr. Giulio Bernardinello ordained in 1973, while the last priest of Adri is from the parish of Carbonara, Fr. Nicola Albertin ordained 12 years ago .

Sunday, then, was a historic day, full of strong emotions and moments of sincere emotion crowned by long, warm applause. A few tears in the face of Mother Alessandra, Father Paolo almost absorbed with his gaze fixed on his son while presiding over the liturgical celebration. In the church numerous scouts and adults of the Masci group, as well as a large representation of Fidas donors with banners from different sections. The liturgical rite was animated by the songs of the polyphonic choir conducted by Giovanni Ranzato.

A long and tiring day for Don Bryan who started in the cemetery with many greetings and hugs. One of the most affectionate hugs was, without a doubt, that of Mònica, her primary school teacher. And at the door of the church he received the greeting of the municipal administration which the councilor brought Andrea Micheletti, as Mayor Omar Barbierato was engaged in a charity football match. “The ordination of a new priest – said the commissioner – acquires a double meaning: on the one hand the continuous renewal of our Christian history, on the other, witness to the spirit of a city rich in experience and solidarity, of people like Fr. Bryan who put themselves fully at the service of others. ”.

The entrance to the church was greeted with a standing ovation, while the young priest smiled at everyone. Archpriest Bishop Matteo De Mori expressed “the great satisfaction of the community for this beautiful moment: this day has finally arrived, many of us join this son of our community that the Lord has given to the universal church : We are deeply proud of it. ” And he presented the parish gift: a delicate and elegant chalice. “This chalice,” said Don Matteo to Don Bryan, “will accompany you throughout your presbyteral life, where Providence will send you to proclaim the word of the Lord.” If you sometimes forget about your community, it will be difficult, then this cup will remind you of the affection of your parish, while always keeping us united in the faith.

At the time of the homily, Fr. Bryan showed a truly enviable maturity, serenity, and security, especially at a time especially full of emotions like the one he was experiencing. And he spoke without any text or written notes, following only the outline of the readings and the Gospel. And starting from St. Paul, he highlighted the great strength of faith, remembering that “hope in God does not disappoint, the Lord always gives his love in abundance.” And he added: “The strength of a Christian is in the relationship because he is never alone: starting from the relationship with God that is love, we arrive at the relationship with the people around us from those we have had as a gift from parents, relatives and relatives, to those we have chosen as friends ”.

At the end of the Mass, Don Bryan brought a floral tribute to Our Lady of the Rosary. Afterwards, there was a moment of coexistence in the youth center, in the evening the concert of the polyphonic choir and the students of the conservatory.

And from today Don Bryan begins his pastoral ministry from the parish of Polesine Bay.

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