“Customers Want Smart Back” Prices from 12 thousand euros

TURIN – The last reserves have fallen, Mole Urbana (a range of heavy and light electric quadricycles) is a reality ready for production. And at the MIMO (Milan Monza Motor Show) will debut with the final look. The UP-Srl of Umberto Palermo has acquired, with the endorsement of the Ministry of Economic Development, the branch of Engineering and Prototyping of Engineering Italia Srl (the former Stola) in Orbassano, in the area of ​​Turin. The assembly lines will be installed during the year in the covered plant of 8,500 square meters (with an annex courtyard of 5,000 square meters) and mass production will begin in 2023. Meanwhile, UP-Srl, which has obtained the manufacturer’s license, continues with the production of commercial vehicles and with the experimentation of the different models of Mole Urbana in the pilot plant of Rivoli. Dekra is collaborating on the project, which is in charge of the approval. In addition, the partnership with SmartMETA of Onevo Group will allow Mole Urbana to enter the market Blockchain, NFT and Metaverse, creating new experiences and methods of purchase with digital certification.

Through the channels of the new economy Options for the sale of the new electric vehicles will be available for purchase, and at MIMO the new quadricycles will be available right inside the Metaverse via the Somnium Space platform, in a virtual exhibition space. Two limited edition NFT (Digital Files Capable to Guarantee Ownership and Certificate of Authenticity of a Physical Asset and Associated Services) collections will be presented.

“The Mole Urbana project – explains Palermo, designer and entrepreneur – has materialized. But with some variations from the prototypes presented a year ago. Many potential customers told me that the cars were, or rather looked like, too big. So we made them smaller, inspired by the size of the first Smart, ideal for cities. And we’ve added a glamorous version, called the Sport GT, which, thanks to its rounded lines, can capture the attention of young people. “

The Sierra de Mole Urbana It is divided into 3 categories: Sport GT, Comfort and Work. The first, an absolute novelty, is a 2-seater with a dynamic look, sporty ergonomics, proposed as a light or heavy quadricycle. It is 2.5 meters long, 1.3 meters wide and 1.57 meters high. The other versions confirm the architectural lines of “carriage” already seen, with room for 2 people (Small), 4 places and Pick-up (3.2 meters long). The work is proposed in the world of delivery with a capacity for loads of up to 4.4 cubic meters. All versions will have lithium batteries and will be equipped with engines from 5.5 to 17 kWh.

Palermo was inspired also to the success of the Citroën Ami. “It shows that there is room for these urban quadricycles. Ours will start at 12 thousand euros and we intend to sell 500 in the first year, and then gradually increase to 4,500. For the Sport GT version we have modified everything “There will also be an open, roadster version. The technology with thermoforming of ABS panels in recycled granules has helped us a lot.

Umberto Palermo will lead MIMO also a traditional thermal engine single, the Franca roadster: “This is dedicated to the world of dreams and passion, which we must preserve because the imposition of the electric is destroying more than a hundred years of engine culture.” The very sporty Franca exposed will be camouflaged, only to be fully revealed in the Metaverse.

“The duty of a designer -he adds- is to find solutions both in the field of pure utility and in the field of ancestral emotions. The pleasure of hearing the roar of the engine accompanied by impressive shapes will remain indelible in the sphere of pleasure. “The custom-made Mole Costruzioni Artigianale is 4.68 meters long, with a tubular steel frame and a powerful heat engine. of 8 cylinders.

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