City of Falconara Italian champion of women’s soccer 5

Falconara City beat Futsal Pescara 2-0 in the third game of the women’s Serie A final and are crowned Italian football champions 5.
After winning the Super Cup and the Italian Cup, Città di Falconara completes a fantastic treble that will go down in the history of women’s futsal.

A fantastic season for the girls coached by Neri who finally put aside last year’s disappointment for a faded championship at the PalaBadiali.

Two goals to regulate each partial end. The one of hope and the one who puts his hand on the Scudetto 15 seconds from the end. Then the party that in Falconara means dance, music and rivers of drinks until dawn.

“We are the Champions of Italy” sing the fans, the players sing, the managers sing amidst flares, fireworks and joy between the outside of the PalaBadiali and the beach of the Caracas Café.

The Scudetto 2021/2022 is from the City of Falconara, winner of the race-3 at the end of the 40 ‘of fire against a detached Pescara, always dangerous, indomitable that has done everything in spite of the saints to bring the “beautiful” to the his favor yesterday, decisive to assign the most coveted Italian Champions Cup.
A victory for the people.

Driven by an exceptional audience, Sofia Luciani and her teammates prevailed over an infinite Pescara on Belli’s legs and the heroic tenacity of Sestari, an infinite goalkeeper almost unbeatable despite the conspicuous injury suffered on Friday but still on the field to keep alive the your hopes.

Race hired from the first minutes he witnessed an overcrowded PalaBadiali. The balance is broken at 11’26 “when Taty pulls forward, puts in the middle for Marta anticipated by Coppari in his own goal to make fun of the innocent Sestari. The match is very physical, so much so that in the final it is easy to reach the sixth foul for both teams. Belli is stopped by Dibiase, Sestari in two strokes is prodigious over that of Isa Pereira.

You are going to rest and in the second half Pescara tries them all to resume the game. City of Falconara want to stretch on the wings of captain Luciani but first the referee who stops the game before the shot on goal and then a few inches at the end of the head spoils the plans. Balanced game as the value of the teams on the field.

At around 10 ‘Mr. Morgado makes the fifth move and at 13’ it is almost the same: Borges throws a mine in the middle, Boutimah lurks on the far post and hits the pitch but sends the stars. On the opposite side Soldevilla slips against Marta’s shot from a dangerous position. Sestari, again she, when she enters despite a lameness, does wonders with Janice and Pato Dal’maz.

Dibiase on the other hand tells Belli no. 15 seconds from the end, Marta, with an empty door, punishes her rivals with the most classic of goals on a moving goalkeeper. PalaBadiali’s enthusiasm follows the trajectory with hope, bursts with joy, pushes the stopwatch and begins the party until the first light of dawn.

The city of Falconara is champion of Italy. A historic triplet that turns into poker with the under 19 scudetto. Falconara, no one like you.



CITY OF FALCONARA: Dibiase, Taty, Marta, Luciani, Dal’Maz, Pandolfi, Praticò, Janice, Fifif, Pereira, Ferrara, Polloni. Ramats Neri

WOMEN’S FISHING FUTSAL: Sestari, Soldevilla, Coppari, Belli, Boutimah, Jessika, Borges, Ortega, Guidotti, Xhaxho, Rozo, Esposito. Ramats Morgado

MARKERS: pt 11’26 “aut. Coppari (F), st 19’45” Marta (F)

AMMONITA: Boutimah (P), Most (F)

REFEREES: Nicola Maria Manzione (Salerno), Dario Pezzuto (Lecce), Daniel Borgo (Schio) CONTRAMS: Fabiano Maragno (Bologna)

NOTES: 16’11 “from the free kick by Belli (P) saved by Dibiase (F), 17’51” from the free kick by Pereira (F) saved by Sestari (P)

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