Chieti Calcio, the City Council convenes the city’s economic forces for the future of the company: the result of the first meeting

The announced meeting between the municipal administration and local entrepreneurs took place this morning, with the aim of sharing a path aimed at supporting Chieti Calcio and the continuity of the team in the championship through d ‘a new corporate structure.

The meeting, which took place in the lobby of the Marrucino Theater, was chaired by Mayor Diego Ferrara, Prefect Armando Forgione, Deputy Mayor Paolo De Cesare and Sports Councilor Manuel Pantalone. Several representatives of the city’s economic forces took part: Cinzia Turli Iannamico for Lazzaroni; ophthalmologist Cristian Pollio and doctor Lello Di Vito; Pietro Mauro, director of Megalò; Giulio Trevisan and lawyer Marco Mattioli, former director of external relations at Chievo Verona at the time of his promotion to Serie A, who illustrated a planning hypothesis for the development of the company for next season sports. It was the first open meeting to open a concrete debate on the future of the team, which was also attended by a large representation of the Neroverde fans.

“It is our full intention to build a concrete and positive path, so that Chieti can register and our team’s adventure in the national championship can continue in the best way – began Mayor Diego Ferrara – I thank the prefect who with its presence certifies a serious interest in the situation and its evolution and the entrepreneurs, professionals, economic forces of the city and territory who have responded to our call, to try to build a possibility for the team to move forward and grow. We must all work together to stay united in the city, which must be the new strength that Chieti needs to continue. I am also grateful to the fans who wanted to take part and who will always keep us informed of the evolution of the situation, to whom we look with a positive and confident look. In the coming days we will hold operational meetings to reach a new team that can take over from the current management and become the performer of a new season, consolidating the results achieved and motivating the team and the city. I thank Patron Trevisan for not closing the doors to a new course, acknowledging the seriousness and importance of the situation. The City Council will directly follow this moment of transition, ensuring the support and role that corresponds to an institution that wants to see its colors and the history of its team.

“We are sincerely committed to finding a solution – said Sports Councilor Manuel Pantalone and Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Productive Activities Paolo De Cesare – An institutional commitment, but also as citizens, to recover black colors. We will write this together with the economic forces of the area who immediately gave an initial will to build a hypothesis to grow.Thank you for your professionalism to the lawyer Marco Mattioli, who has put at the service of the football team and the Municipality the experience he had in the adventure of Chievo, of which he was director of external relations in the period of promotion and maximum fortune of the team. marked a concrete and immediately achievable horizon for the economic forces, also able to motivate new entrants in a possible consortium, which must be built at a fast pace, to be able to register the team in the championship and guarantee the sport. administrative the year of the centenary. Thanks to those who are developing a new beginning, including Councilor Valerio Giannini, an important bridge with the sports community. “

“I will not leave Chieti in the hands of those who will not be able to carry it out,” said patron Giulio Trevisan. from a solid base to reach C and grow back. We also have a lot of positive things going on, with the City Council we have moved to get funding for the redevelopment of the Sant’Anna camp and the agreement that will allow training for 13 years; We have a team with a group of young people born between 2003/04 who can make the most of them and help them express their full potential. The dispute has its weight, but the crisis in Chieti is a crisis of goals: the expectations of the community are high, now we can not guarantee them and it is right to shake hands, we do it with the utmost serenity, aware of having done all possible. We made sacrifices, we rejoiced and we suffered together and there is also a great awareness of the times when we need to take a step back, always with fairness and respect for the rules ”.

“The aim is to create a business development project focused on a clear strategy – said the lawyer Marco Mattioli – functional to local roots, the expansion of the catchment area and the increase in sources of income, intervening in three main axes: the youth sector, the area of ​​communication and means, the mark and the commercialization of services. The youth sector can become the heartbeat of a new adventure. It is essential to create a real Chieti Academy, able to motivate athletes and retain the youngest fans, even with the creation of a junior category. In the same way that it is essential to establish a comprehensive, modern communication strategy, strictly interactive with the territory and able to give visibility to the team, the city and the corporate structure. A company that in any case is a company, which must act as such and promote a brand that works in the territory and also abroad and that makes it attractive and strategic, making it a social and at the same time corporate message. We need a format that links the team to the city, to the institutions, to the living forces of the territory, able to increase the prestige of the brand and make it attractive for athletes and also for potential local and foreign investors. It is possible to start immediately, with activities already in July, networking, organizing productive activities such as camps, football schools and loyalty events, also scheduling activities for the winter of 2022, to generate an induced momentum and move forward l team and the city. , together “.

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