Chamber of Commerce and Lecce together for the territory

Lecce and the Chamber of Commerce together in a project to promote the area and develop new synergies.

Lecce is a virtuous example from a business point of view and the link with the Chamber of Commerce was simply natural. From Salento’s entrepreneurs comes a contribution of € 100,000 which is an extraordinary starting point for a series of initiatives that will take place during the championship.

MARIO VALDUCCI. “With the Chamber of Commerce we felt that we could not miss the opportunity to promote the territory, the communities and the business world. Lecce is an extraordinary entrepreneurial image for our territory. The institutions have the role of representing that this team represents not only the city but our whole province and that is why we felt that we could take an important step, choosing the team that is in Serie A, because football is a tool of extraordinary promotion. . For this reason the Chamber of Commerce could not be far from a phenomenon like this. The Chamber of Commerce has chosen to make 100,000 available.

SAVERIO STICCHI DAMIANI. We are very happy, I thank the Chamber of Commerce for the attention and sensitivity shown immediately towards Lecce. Already in the days immediately following the promotion you told me about this project of which I am proud and we will do our best with the company to convey this agreement. Playing football in the south today is very difficult as evidenced by the difficulties that major clubs like Palermo have in landing B. We with a much smaller center are talking about Serie A. We need to create a structure so that our operators can operate in the B. in the best possible way because it is essential for us to capitalize on our players, as does Pantaleo Corvino who is the center of our project. A very difficult tournament awaits us but we have proved our worth in B. We have reached the top league with great awareness and we perceive the proximity of our entire territory. The one of the Chamber of Commerce is a precious relationship that gives me the opportunity of how important it is to have a relationship with the institutions ”.

FRANCESCO DI GIORGO – SECRETARY GENERAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. With the club we have developed a project that aims to promote the territory through the stage of Serie A. During home games we will develop meetings between local operators and contacts selected for the presentation of Lecce and create business opportunities and attract investments. territories. Our guests will be able to experience unique moments such as being able to step on the playing field and live one hundred percent the atmosphere of the Via del Mare ”.

CHARLES SALVEMINI. It is an initiative that strengthens the relational dimension between local commerce and equipment. In recent years, the world of football has undergone a period of extraordinary transformation, with new investors altering its financial balance. The prudence of the management of the company of President Sticchi Damiani is an extraordinary example for our territory and therefore can be a virtuous example for the Chamber of Commerce. “

CORVINO SCREEN. I have always considered that football is a company that must be managed in this way, with programming, in which investments must be lowered, these are personal contaminations that I have taken from companies, my personal baggage that also derives from presidents I have worked with who were often entrepreneurs in their non-football life. I think this is an important opportunity for everyone to grow together with our project. ”

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