Brands in transition, 400 million more from Brussels. The new programming expands the ceiling compared to the previous 7 years

ANCONA – The relegation of the group from the most developed regions to those in transition is worth about 400 million euros more in the Marches in the next programming of European funds. A program that should have already started in 2021 – to cover the temporary window until 2027 – but that the delays have accumulated, postponing the deadline by two years. At the end of April, the Region sent its Operational Plans to Brussels for the final examination, with which the planned resources are declined in concrete actions.

Step following the signing of the collaboration agreement, but this step has not yet been completed. They are more than 1 billion euros, only between ERDF and ESF + funds, to which will be added those of the Rural Development Plan (PDR) and those of the fisheries sector (Feamp). While waiting for the new programming to finally see the light of day – the forecasts speak of next autumn as the start date – an assessment is made of the previous one, completed in 2020 but with an additional three years to complete the certification. of payments.

The report to the Board
In the coming weeks, the council will present to the legislative assembly, during the community session of the regional council, the 70-page report that reports on what has been done with the important resources guaranteed in the last seven years. Between Fesr (European Regional Development Fund) and ESF (European Social Fund), the total ceiling amounted to 625 million euros, a figure increased by 66% in the seven-year period 2021/2027 also due to the recognition of the condition of region in transition to the Marks, due to the worsening of the socioeconomic situation. Deepening in the different lines of European financing, between 2014 and 2020 -a period of time that coincides almost entirely with the management of the executive of Ceriscioli-, in front of a total endowment of the FEDER of 585.383.288 euros, that amounts to 561.9 million euros of resources. activated, of which 262.1 million for disbursed funds and 223.6 million for certifiable payments. We are therefore talking about a level of commitment of expenditure equal to 90% of the total budget, which guarantees the financing of 3060 projects.

Among these, also the Integrated Territorial Investments with which “integrated actions were supported in selected urban areas, crisis areas and internal areas – reads the report that will be debated in the classroom of the County Council in the coming weeks – combining funding related to different thematic objectives, therefore with various priority axes of the regional operational programs FEDER and ESF, also in order to maximize the impacts and repercussions on the territory. ”And moving on to the analysis of the ESF fund, also in In this case, the objectives set by the European Union have been met abundantly: of the total allocation of 287,979,618 euros, 247,305,550 euros are committed resources, 175,276,656 euros are payments to beneficiaries and 138 million euros are resources Efforts to ensure the proper development of the program have also led to certification by the European Commission before 31 December 2021, an expenditure of 138 million euros and, therefore, exceed the threshold established by the regulations. “,

Agriculture and fishing
With regard to the RDP, the global economic endowment was 537.96 million euros. Then, as a result of the earthquake, the Marches were allocated, through the solidarity contribution of the other Regions, additional resources that raised the figure to 697,212,430 euros. In addition, in view of the delays in the start of the new programming, for the transition period 2021-2022, an additional 185,390,893 euros have been allocated to our region. Of the total ceiling, 645 million euros were committed in favor of the beneficiaries – against 44,585 applications accepted for funding – and 311 million euros were paid contributions. Finally, 6.5 million euros were allocated to farmers affected by the crisis caused by Covid. The list is closed by Feamp, which finances the fishing plan. The total budget was € 31,583,536, with the aim of spending € 15,144,609 on December 31, 2021. The Marches have done even better, spending € 16,116,646.


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