beyond loneliness in the name of redemption –

Sometimes a blank page can be scary, but if a travel companion holds your hand, amazing stories and tales can come up. How? Sharing dialogue and creativity. The Reading dedicated to the work of the writing laboratory of the Casa Pandora Anti-Violence Center Casa Margherita Ferro will take place on Saturday 18 June from 4.30 pm. Seven stories read aloud by some volunteers will liven up the women’s square to find an expressive space. In the square in front of the Center, the readings of the stories born during the writing workshop carried out by Giada Campus, novelist and journalist, between October 2021 and May 2022 will come to life. During the event Simona Ugolotti , La Cantadina, will enliven the square with its uculele. The authors of the stories will also be able to count on the extraordinary participation of the Lombard writer Zena Roncada.

Many volunteer readers: Cristina Parodi (from the Pentagon publishing house) Federica Massa (teacher and trainer), Sheeba Servetto (mayor), Alessandra Repetto (journalist), Chiara Urci (psychologist)

“It’s not easy to put into words the climate of complicity that has been created every time we meet to write the stories of the girls of Casa Pandora – explains Paola Campi, president of the Pandora Anti-Violence Center – We have created a group, we have state and we are sisters in sharing, listening, encouraging ourselves, for me it was a wonderful experience both from a personal and professional point of view and I am more and more convinced that an anti-violence center must also take care of that : to promote alternative spaces, necessary to reconstruct those forgotten parts like the friendship and the solidarity between women. I consider this experience an important brick to give life to that house of women that still lacks in Genoa but that is absolutely necessary. fill this gap. I thank and embrace the wonderful girls with whom I made this journey. “

The course was developed through meeting, dialogue and discussion but not only. “The stories were born thanks to a close confrontation but also with play and lightness, which were never lacking even when we decided to address the issue of redemption,” explains Campus Giada. We have come a long way with meetings and goals. In the course of the meetings, goals aside, we have found that relational goods are those that allow people to value what they do because they do it together. Seven wonderful stories were born. full of ideas and humanity that have taken us beyond our most intimate loneliness ”.

What do some girls in the lab say?


I was drowning in my negative thoughts and, as is often the case in life, I was no longer trying to stay afloat. Then all of a sudden, as in all respectable fairy tales, someone tried to save me. He was not a charming prince but they were women like me, with my own problems, the same anxieties that found their first little support in that lab to be able to resurrect: I understood that I am not alone.


One point. A distant point in the sky, that was what I was. In the cosmic nothingness, in search of who knows what. It was enough to look a little further, at the Pandora’s House, to see that there were other wonderful points.

Of a mad light, and who knows if everyone knows they shine so brightly.

YES, I was a point. And I still am. But now, “all together and made of courage,” we are a constellation and we are beautiful to look at.


It was also a journey for me during which I realized that I was not alone and that other women like me were looking for their way to continue with strength and courage. Thus, the difficulties of life seem easier because they are shared. Meanwhile, it was also nice to discover new friendships and, as always, the unity is strong.


In a world dominated by indifference and hypocrisy, at Casa Pandora I found another world, the feminine world, populated by great women who could hear and share their suffering.

Thank you all, sisters.


I attended a few times but it was as if I had attended every meeting. I felt involved. I liked.

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