Amadeus, discover all the secrets of this great TV presenter.

Tifa Inter, almost always in blue, wearing a white shirt, has two children, one of whom is named José, in honor of Mourinho.

He is the most present television presenter, along with Gerry Scottito the Italian ether.

We are talking about Amadeusat the registry office Amedeo Umberto Rita Sebastianicertainly a name and surname little televised and especially little radio, given that the rise of the star of the last Sanremo Festival started from that forge of talent and showman that Deejay Radioat the time of the stable of Claudio Cecchettoin the mid 80’s.

Amadeus, success born of a lie

It was a lie, told with good intentions, basically just to have a few more chances to join Cecchetto’s court, which started Amadeus’ successful career.

When he was very young he was lucky enough to meet the creator of Play to play, Amadeus reported that he was a voice actor chasing Milan, and so convinced the producer to put him to the test. I? it was Cecchetto himself who revealed Amadeus’ lie.

The young Amadeus, in fact, not to miss the opportunity, traveled between Verona (his residence at the time) and Milan, to make his mark on Radio Deejay, a “masked” sacrifice that he once revealed Cecchetto to what extent the young DJ was interested in working in Milanese radio.

Two marriages and two children for Amadeus

Despite being one of the most well-known faces on television and in the Italian entertainment world, Amadeus has always masterfully maintained the confidentiality of his private life, with few and rare exceptions, such as when he called. Joséthe son born of the second union, in honor of the coach José Mourinhowhich led his beloved Inter to win the treble.

Before Joshua, Amadeus had, from his first wife, Marisa di Martinothe eldest daughter Alice.

The reasons for the break-up of the first marriage were never revealed by Amadeus and Madame, who managed to maintain the confidentiality of their relationship and separation.

Of course, the only thing left is the fact that the first union was definitively annulled by the Sacra Rota, like the second marriage, with the dancer. Giovanna Civitilloit was regularly celebrated with a Christian rite in the Church.

The second union was also sealed on social media, Amadeus and Giovanna, in fact, have a couple of Instagram accounts.

And in social management the couple is very determined: “ Giovanna Civitillo & Amadeus 💑 Unique Instagram Profile! Amadeus doesn’t have or wants to have a profile of his own 🤷🏻‍♀️ No Facebook, No Twitter Block who I want! “

This is the introductory phrase of the two’s Instagram profile, a peremptory character that leaves no room for gossip speculation.

Amadeus, dress code required due to color blindness

Strictly white shirt, black jacket, at most a touch of blue. The chromatic choice of Amadeus’ dress code is not so much synonymous with imagination as a necessity dictated by dichromatopsia, or more vulgarly, color blindness, which the director suffers from.

To avoid epic color flaws, her wardrobe focuses primarily on the colors that Amadeus is most easily able to distinguish. A limitation, however, that has never been an obstacle to the classic elegance of the showman.

Amadeus and Fiorello, 35 years of friendship

Although born in Ravenna, Amadeus is of Sicilian descent. The parents, in fact, are both from Palermo. As well as Fiorellospending time on Radio Deejay, it was unlikely that two Sicilians would unite.

A friendship of more than ten years, also relaunched from the Ariston stage, on the occasion of the Sanremo Festival, which saw them work together for the first time, but already established, with Fiorello who witnessed the second wedding of his friend director.

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