“Varese, a fantastic environment on a human scale, the fans were waiting for us to cheer us on. Series B deserves it »- Varesenoi.it

Sometimes, here, the name is enough to be “marked” in black and white and go down in history. Names like these. The Varese of Maran. Fascetti’s Varese. Sannino’s Varese. El Varese de Da Pozzo, Sogliano, Picchi, Borghi, Cresci, Dellagiovanna, Leonardi, Tamborini, Anastasi, Burlando, Vastola (5-0 at Juventus).

“In Varese I found a fantastic environment and on a human scale – says Rolando Maran today: his Varese will always be remembered for the great game, as well as for the promotion to the final of A 2012 with Sampdordia – I lived close. in Piazza Repubblica and, when we went out to dinner with Maraner and my collaborators, I always found a lot of fans cheering us on.

“General” Maran was born in Trento on July 14, 1963 and began playing football on the city’s team’s youth ranks, before turning twenty at Benancense Riva, where he played until 1986. Acquired at Chievo, he became the flag bearer of the miracle of the village of Veronese until 1995. He moved to Valdagno where he played for a year, then to Carrarese, before closing in 1996 in Fano.

His brilliant career as a coach, often accompanied by the very loyal and talented MP Christian Maraner, began in 1997 as a deputy in his Chievo, then here are the youth teams of Cittadella and Brescia. He coached the first team in 2000 with Cittadella where he coached for 5 years, before moving to Brescia, Bari, Triestina, Vicenza and Varese.

After the white-and-red experience here are the two seasons in Catania, where he gets the best historical result of the Etna team in Serie A, and then returns to Chievo (4 years). From 2018 to 2020 he coached Cagliari, and then had a brief experience in Liguria in Genoa. He has two children, Elena and Gianluca, who are always close to his father.

Sir, remember Varese?
I arrived in early November, finding a complicated situation. Together with my friend and deputy Maraner, we had to understand the environment immediately and try to put in the right way the team that had great potential, but also needed a lot of confidence.
I worked really well, finding a fantastic environment on a human scale, where the fans always did the right things. The city immediately welcomed me very well, showing me its warmth: I lived near Piazza Repubblica and, when my collaborators went out to dinner after a day of work in the stadium, I always found many fans cheering us on.
Thanks to the fans and clubs that gathered in the province, I was also able to get to know the beauties of Varese: I’m sorry I didn’t have time, because of the bet on the football field, to have lived them. all fully.

Have you ever been back to Varese?
Unfortunately I only made a few quick visits, I said goodbye to some friends, but the commitments I had after the experience in black and white prevented me from spending more time in Varese. However, I plan to come soon, also to hug my friend Andrea Confalonieri again.

Varese and Cagliari are united by a very strong thread that passes through Leguuno, where Gigi Riva was born: do you remember your experience in Sardinia?
Coaching Cagliari is an honor and a prestige. Football is lived differently than on the mainland. For Sardinians, Cagliari is a source of pride and unity, of people linked to a territory they love viscerally. Gigi Riva, as a great person, has never interfered in the election of the company. We talked a few times on the phone and he encouraged me. All I can say is that Rombo di Tuono is an icon, a person who is still a legend today, both as a man and as a footballer. It is at the heart of all the inhabitants of Sardinia for its temperament, character and connection to the territory.

Sir, he’s a friend of Maurizio Ganz, Milan’s women’s coach …
Maurizio with his competence, seriousness and preparation has made a great contribution to Milan by helping to increase the interest in football played by girls. It is a growing phenomenon, thanks also to the laudable results of the team coached by Milena Bertolini. I personally watch some games on TV, and I’m passionate about them.

What is Mr. Maran doing today?
In the meantime, I cultivate my hobbies, keep fit by walking and cycling. Then I study and update so as not to be prepared for the next experience on the bench, where I hope to return soon. Today the coaches, even if they don’t train, I have to follow matches, tables, information.
The world of football has changed and there is no room for improvisation: everything has to be planned down to the smallest detail. Companies are managed as companies where it is important to achieve results in order to sustain costs and revenue. Economics, marketing and communication are of paramount importance, and the coach, along with his trusted staff, is an important link in achieving the goals.

In conclusion, sir, what do you want to add?
I send a big hug to the white and red fans and to the Varese fans, with a lot of respect and affection, as well as good luck for the club to return quickly to Serie B. Let’s not forget that Varese is a club with a great football and history tradition and that Franco Ossola has grown many champions who have given prestige to Italian and world football.

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