“Ultras, a healthy part of a sick and completely adrift football world”

In the three days of West Curve to Party very interesting debate entitled ‘Why do you distrust us?‘with a theme, that of Daspo, of the’ stadium crimes’ and measures involving fans from all over Italy, always very current.

To bring him to the stage, at the public meeting moderated by Federico Pansini, were important guests on the subject, three real experts on the subject: first the lawyer Giovanni Adami, was dedicated daily to the defense of the ultras from all over Italy in the defense of the formal requirement. And then Matteo Falcone, editorial director of Sportpeople.net, an information and study portal, a true benchmark of the ultra movement in Italy. And finally, Sébastien LouisPhD in contemporary history, sociologist and author of the book ‘Ultras, the other protagonists of football’, which covers in detail the history of organized support in Italy from the 70s to the present.

It was Adami himself who opened the meeting with a careful explanation of what is the Daspo: “It is an instrument that is placed in the hands of the commissioner without going through the court, unlike the preventive measures. When an amateur receives notification of a warning, there is, in the first place contradictory. This means that anyone who receives a Daspo benefit is automatically forced to go through a lengthy and costly administrative process. “

Forecast that may lead to the obligation to sign the sanctioned fan during the matches of his team: “He believes that in some cases, an issue on which hangs a sentence of the Daspo – adds Adami – may be forced to go to the offices of the Police? Headquarters in the city itself, even during friendlies, to sign several times a meaningless lookwhich only applies to our country unlike others considered more serious on the subject of typhus, such as England or Germany. “

“If then, for work reasons, someone – he concludes – could not answer obligation to sign, the consequence from the point of view of the sentence may be comparable to that of a crime of theft. In the Covid period, with the stadiums closed and therefore without any pretext that could lead to the meeting between two fans, many people with notice were still forced to go and sign. These are totally unacceptable aspects for a country that defines itself at the forefront as ours in civil rights struggles’.

In a continuous succession of direct witnesses on the subject, so it was expressed Matteo Falcone: “The term repression it is often placed with the word warning, he explains, because too many stratified levels are created that make the purely administrative part heavy. Very often there is a disproportion between the sanctions imposed and the stadium infraction committed. The ultras is a movement of evolution from the past to the present, in numbers and in the following also in the visiting matches. In the nineties, being part of a curve, being ultra, spread without distinction of social categories. This increase in figures has led to a higher use, even in the following years, of security and law enforcement, which inevitably led to an increase in the level of confrontation and tension.

“We think, for example, of the many bans on expression in recent years: flags and banners could not be carried in stadiums, the use of megaphones and drums was banned. This kind of deprivation of freedom of expression has taken up more space on the folk side and shed more light on the more aggressive aspects. Although – concludes Falcone- one of the mistakes we always tend to make is to think that the ultras have brought violence to footballwhen in reality the stadium was already a strongly territorial space before its arrival “.

Thus, Louis: “The subject of ultras and curves in Italy always faces a veil of mistrust and a lot of prejudice, especially when it comes to providing a descriptive view on this subject. We often tend to emphasize with emphasis, the French sociologist points out, negative aspects regarding, for example, the many charitable and humanitarian initiatives of the curves towards sociality of which they are a part, not the case abroad, I have personally curated exhibitions that But despite this kind of mental shutdown, often fueled by the media and public opinion, Italy at the ultra level is still a benchmark in the rest of the world. The way of life animation was born right here in the early 70’s“.

Times have obviously changed since then: “By 2022, an ultra must be able to be even smarter compared to the reality he lives in, through small steps and a way of communicating his own reality that advances with time and that knows how to deal in a compact way, as happens in other European countries, the various problems of the world (as happened in France, England and Germany in relation to the prices of the host sectors; ed). I do not want to moralize anyone, but those who are part of this world must be good to avoid some “own purpose” to escape the continuous and erroneous identification with which it is described as “The wrong side of football” when, on the other hand, the curves can remedy the system ”.

“Because,” Louis concludes, finding solace in the final considerations of Adam and Falcone, “despite the repression we talked about tonight, the ultra movement is more alive and healthy than ever. And with his passion he represents one healthy part compared to a sick world and completely adrift in football“.

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