the historic “change of guard” at the Gallarate Ski Club

Every four years the Gallarate Ski Club renews its Board of Directors and elects a new president, which happens in most sports clubs. No wonder, then, if it weren’t for one important detail: for the last 38 yearsthis position was held continuously by Marco Buffoni. In fact, since 1984 the Gallarate Ski Club has been led by what everyone calls “the prisoner”. The new board has indicated how new president Roberto Masola.

May 25 finally, in accordance with the statutes, all partners were invited to participateelective assemblywhich was opened with the usual approval of the annual accounts and then with the reading of the End-of-Term Report by the President himself. “Let me not get out of my fist, that I’ll read my report once to make sure I don’t forget anything and I don’t … get excited. “ began in Buffoni.

The report of a visibly excited president focuses on the last five years of his tenure, highlighting his sporting goals, with the growth of the competitive sector and efforts to continue the basic activity dedicated to children. Saturday’s Ski Course has reached its 37th edition, withstanding even the blows inflicted by the pandemic. El Pres also highlights the positive evolution in terms of internal organization, which has grown a lot,
structuring itself to give an ever better service to the partners. At the end of the reading, Marco Buffoni reiterated his intention not to run again, but to pass the baton after 38 years of uninterrupted office in the hope that whoever succeeds him, with the new Board of Directors, can preserve the identity and historical tradition of the Gallarate Ski Club. Closing greeted with sincere applause and words of thanks from the audience.

This has led to the end of a very long presidential journey, which has taken the Gallarate Ski Club through internal revolutions, great competitive successes, memorable and pharaonic organizations of Alpine Skiing Competitions that have left their mark, crossing regional borders. . Under his tenure he was awarded the Gallarate Ski Club
prestigious awards – gold star FISI and silver star CONI – and has withstood the blows of a pandemic that has crushed many sporting realities.

Gallarate Ski Club

From the left Puricelli, Masola, Buffoni, Postizzi

The new president, elected by the council, is -as stated at the beginning- Roberto Masola, former treasurer and vice president, identified as the most suitable figure for all skillsknowledge of the mechanisms that regulate the life of the Ski Club, rigor and historicity. Roberto has the task of leading the historic Gallarate association towards the centenary of its foundationwhich will fall in the year of the Milan-Cortina Olympic Games, in 2026.

The first act of the new President is the highly symbolic appointment of two vice-presidents, representing the two main souls of the Ski Club: Arturo Puricelli for the competitive sector e Franco Postizzi for the start-up of tourism and sport.

All the offices of the Gallarate Ski Club

Massimo Bodini: Coach of competitive teams
Marco Buffoni: supervision of relations with the FISI, administrative support
Alice Buffoni: Secretary, Communication
Mauro Fumagalli: Media Management (Mechanics, Bureaucracy)
Francesca Giamporcaro: Legal Advice, Logistical Support for Competitive Team
Roberto Masola: President, Treasurer
Micaela Mora: Relationship with municipal institutions, Social Communication
Franco Postizzi: Vice President, Head of the Ski Course
Arturo Puricelli: Vice President, Head of the Agonistic Team
Gabriele Vanelli: Head of the Tourism Sector

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