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With the draw between England and Italy and the final match of the Serie C playoffs between Palermo and Padua, the football season is almost over. At the moment, the most football fans look like Pablo Escobar who is waiting in despair and sad, the meme taken from the series. Narcosand the fact that our team is absent from the next World Cup does not improve the situation.

And it is precisely these people who are about to despair that we are addressing with a piece of advice: look Ted Lasso and you will be better. Yes, because the TV series created by Bill Lawrence and Jason Sudeikis for Apple TV + is, in our opinion, one of the best things ever done in football, between film and television. It doesn’t take long, some will say, and in fact the only thing that comes to mind in a positive way is the movie Escape to victory and the series I expected him to die first.

Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first Ted Lasso, and if you also like the Premier League, English pubs and everything related to football across La Mancha, watching this TV series, which consists of two seasons and a third running, becomes absolutely mandatory. We explain why below, but first a brief summary of the plot of Ted Lassolimited to the first season so as not to overdo it with spoilers.

What Ted Lasso is talking about

In 2013, when NBC acquired the rights to broadcast English Premier League matches, it was thought that to attract Americans to follow football – for them, football is only football-, a series of funny ads in which Jason Sudeikis (Saturday Night Live comedian) played the role of this football coach who knew nothing about football but was called to coach a Premier League team. League.

A few years later, Lawrence and Sudeikis decided to repeat that character and make him the protagonist of a comedy series for Apple TV +, and the result was so surprising that it led to the series and its protagonist a long series of praises and awards, from Emmys to Golden Globes.

So let’s look at the history of the series. In a situation that we could define very similar to that of The Coach in the Ball, we have an imaginary club called Richmond whose president wants him to be relegated to the English Serie B).

That’s why Rebecca Welton decides to hire Ted Lasso, a jovial coach of college football teams who is as friendly as he is unfamiliar with the rules of the world’s most beautiful sport. Of course, the official version has nothing to do with the desire to retire, but with a supposed idea of ​​innovating and experimenting. A bit like when Berlusconi wanted to hire Dan Peterson as Milan coach.

Ted Lasso, along with his assistant coach Beard, arrives at this team in north-west London to bring a breath of fresh air to Richmond and the entire Premier League. But the reception, understandably, is not the best. Not from the English press, which never misses an opportunity to make fun of the Yankee who came to a Premier League bench without even knowing how an offside player works.

Nor by their players, who struggle to recognize the necessary authority. Among the players, in particular, are two figures: on the one hand the former champion Roy Kent, who won everything with Chelsea but is now at the end of his career and continues only thanks to his fierce determination; and Jamie Tartt, a talented and equally selfish and boastful young Manchester City-loaned striker, despite attempts by his girlfriend Keeley to mature him.

In society, with President Rebecca and sports director Leslie Higgins secretly conspiring against him, Ted finds help, as does the ever-attentive Beard coach Nathan Shelley, theoretically the team’s store but (literally) promoted to field to assistant coach. after some valuable tactical advice.

In the background, there are all the typical elements of every English team: the fans who argue with insults like “wanker” (better not translate), the naughty journalists and the embarrassing tabloids, the pub where the fans gather to follow the matches, and of course the challenges with the most well-known and famous teams in the football house. But we stop here, inviting you to watch the Italian trailer for season 1.

Why watch Ted Lasso?

Training, the field, the hearts of the stadium, the beer, the games, the locker room, the press conferences, the pub, the public parks where girls and boys play: every chapter of Ted Lasso exudes English football for all porus. and with each element. Although the protagonist is an ignorant American (when it comes to football, mind you, because for the rest …), this series perfectly reproduces the atmosphere of English football, with its clichés (including the physical, like Wembley) and all the factors that make it so fascinating and unique.

The pain of defeat, the joy of victory, the tension on the bench when there is a result to defend, the nervousness on the field when things go wrong and the unity of the team in the most important moments: yes you like football, and maybe you also played it at an amateur level, you know very well what feelings we are talking about. And if you like football, you’re sure to love it Ted Lasso.

Let’s clarify one thing, at this point: it is true that we are talking about a series of humor, and in fact the funny and funny moments, often really funny, are certainly not missing. But Ted Lasso is something else: a bit like in another British series that we love, that is After LifeTed Lasso coexists with fun scenes and moments with a strong emotional impact.

You will become a supporter of the AFC Richmond, share your joys and sorrows, rejoice at every goal scored and despair at every goal conceded, rejoice in successes and suffer for failures. You will recognize yourself and your teammates in the players and the team, of which you will feel an integral part.

As for us, we have two characters that we love more than anyone. On the one hand, Roy Kent, with his oaths to spice up a language that could not be more sincere, and with a tender heart around which is a solid armor made of apparatus in all areas of the field (“He’s here, he’s there, it’s every fucking place where fans sing to him, who instead adapted the famous “Baby Shark” slogan for Jamie Tartt) and crazy love for the sport.

On the other hand, we loved the figure of coach Beard, who without even a first name still has a very well defined personality. Sensitive, always right, endowed with an unlimited popular culture, unfortunate in love (and not so lucky in the game) but always kind to everyone. And among other things, both Coach Beard’s (Brendan Hunt) performer and Roy Kent’s (Brett Goldstein) actor participated in the writing phase of the series along with Lawrence and Sudeikis.

We are now waiting for the third (and most likely the last) season, which should arrive in the coming months, to know the future of the glorious AFC Richmond and to know what will be the nice and deep American he lent to the other football. it is still being invented, which is not depopulated in the US, but for the rest of the world is the most beautiful game of all.

Rating: 9

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