TaskRabbit, DIY is a child’s play. In Italy, 60% of active workers are women

A company that mixes technology, space for women and services for young and old. TaskRabbitthe company founded in California in 2008 by the entrepreneur Leah Busque and acquired by Ikea in 2017, offers a service for all those who have must be carried out the housework, such as furniture assembly. We had already told the virtuous story of Sara Wilson and Silvia Scalzi, two friends who had reinvented themselves as DIY experts during the pandemic. Today, a year after arriving in Italy, it is clear that the 60% of homework assets on the platform are theirs women.

A challenge for women

TaskRabbit was founded in 2008 in California and landed in Italy in 2021. It offers a small homework help service.

In a world of work which tends not to favor women’s income and careers, the global network that connects those people who need a helping hand to work in and out of the home with handyman professionals represents an important milestone: our country has the highest percentage of workers, followed by Spain (57%), the United Kingdom (45%) and Germany (35%). But also in the managerial roles the leadership positions are majority female: from 2020 the director general is Ania Smith, while the director general for Europe is Begum Zarmann, who stressed how the success of the platform is also linked to the particular historical period we are living: “It was interesting. to notice how much women have not shied away from challenges, in these unprecedented times. Many people, who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, have seen TaskRabbit as an opportunity to earn extra income. The period of confinement also gave people a chance to really think about what they wanted to do and what they wanted to do. reconsider your priorities“.

Flexibility is the key to success

The reasons for this success are many, but the main one may be flexibility: “The fact that every tasker (this is the name of the staff on hand) can choose when to work and how much to charge for his service is a big plus, says Marco Macconi, TaskRabbit’s Southern European manager. When the service arrived in Milan and Rome a year ago we started with 3000 users. I am today more than 6500. It should also be considered that a tasker receives 100% of the fee agreed by him with the customer, plus any tips. The company is only entitled to a small additional percentage, nothing is taken away from the worker. “The demand for women workers responds to the supply of the job, but there are also a challenge to clichésAs Macconi always explains: “We know that women often need to have a flexible work schedule, but I think there is also a desire to show that they can perform. duties which are traditionally considered suitable only for men. It’s a way of saying that diversity and inclusion in work are real things, not just words. “

In our country, 60% of active jobs are women, and even at the executive level, the company has an all-female guide.

Where the service is available and for whom

So far, the service is only available in Rome, Milan and the respective provinces, but in the first 365 days more than 153,000 bookings were registered, mainly for requests for furniture assemblyThehelp with removals and the small home repairs. The type of users who use TaskRabbit varies: from out-of-center students to seniors who have difficulty performing heavy tasks, but the predominant rank is certainly the youngest. 52% of customers are between 25 and 44 years old, while 22% of applications are from under 25 years old.

The success and spread of the service is also due to the fact that in big cities like Milan and Rome, if you are not local, it can be difficult to find a professional who can do the job immediately. TaskRabbit has been a very useful showcase especially for young and off-site audiences of large centers, but the growth ambitions they are not finished: “We plan to extend the service to the rest of Italy as well. We don’t know the exact dates yet, but the project is there. Personal data is true, young people are the main customers, but we believe that other age groups could also benefit from this service. We like to say that ours is a “boomer proof” service.“Macconi concludes.

The result of TaskRabbit should not be underestimated: according to a report prepared by Edge Strategy, a company responsible for certifying gender equality in companies, in 2021 women on the boards management of the companies they analyzed were only 24.7%while at the levels of senior management were the 29.6%. He female employment rate in our country in 2021 reached its all-time high with a share of 50.5%. This means that only one in two women has a job and much remains to be done to create a context where they can access and grow professionally to the same extent as men.

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