Star “The Challenge” on social media: “No one wants to hear your displeasure”


Members of the Getty cast “The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30” took the stage on July 17, 2017 in New York City.

Veronica Portillo and Jenna Compono were the last stars in the world of “The Challenge” to face off online after Jenna disputed one of Veronica’s comments. Warning: This article contains spoilers for the first 6 episodes of “The Challenge: All Stars 3”, which are now airing on Paramount +.

The contestant of the third season of “All Stars”, who has never shied away from expressing her opinion on the show and on social media, recently chatted with fans of the show after the topic of the Treehouse alliance came up. On May 26, Veronica tweeted about her double “All Stars 3” interview with Beth Stolarczyk, writing, “They pulled such good content from our double interview. interview room and they were already spinning my tape is something I would even like to see.

A fan replied to Veronica: “She was right about how she was treated in the past, but she also said a lot about herself. You, Tina and Rachel have been very much in one person. Not surprisingly, a once you lost Tina and Jemmye, you gravitated toward the new “bad girls” Kailah. [Casillas] & Sílvia [Elsrode]”Veronica responded to the person and said she talked to Kailah, Sylvia and Jemmye the first night and they decided to play together.

“I’m so tired of self-confident girls labeled as whores and a lot of self-confident girls labeled‘ bad girls, ’” she wrote. “Kendall [Shephard] and Kelly Anne [Judd] They said equally negative things about Syl and Kailah, but just because they have different vibes, they are victims of the “Mean Girls.” It’s BS. Someone replied that she was more than that and that Kailah had been a “bully” in recent seasons, and ended her tweet with, “We don’t need her. Bring Jenna.

Veronica responded to the tweet, “Nobody wants Jenna.” Veronica and Jenna competed together in two different seasons: “Dirty 30” and “Final Reckoning”.

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Jenna responded briefly and simply to Veronica’s tweet

Jenna simply responded to Veronica’s tweet, writing, “And no one wants to hear your displeasure …” When her participation in the conversation ended there, Veronica argued with many fans about her criticism of Jenna. One fan wrote, “Who are the challenging old witches who hate beautiful girls?” Veronica replied, “Witch hazel? Pretty? Can we agree that we have different interpretations of beauty?”

Me at 25 and she at 25, completely different women. We would never have attracted the same person if we were the same age. I don’t understand why people face it today. It’s beautiful, you like athletic blondes, someone else prefers curvy Latin brunettes. Don’t hurt me.

Not to mention that our personalities are very different. I don’t think there’s a need to be competitive here. Never really.

A fan told Veronica that Jenna was “10 times the contestant and cheerleader,” to which Veronica replied, “Entertainer? Okay.” Then Veronica clarified that she didn’t underestimate Jenna: “I said we didn’t want her there. Col. Cool.” He also said that she was not the one who raised Jenna, and added: “Nobody knows that I responded to someone’s tweet. They think I just opened Twitter and decided to write 3 words at random.”

Veronica is one of the candidates still fighting for her share of $ 500,000 in “All Stars 3”

Veronica returned to “Challenge” on “All Stars 3” and after 6 episodes, is one of the remaining contestants on the show fighting for her $ 500,000 share. From the beginning of the show, she has forged a strong alliance with her roommates, called the Treehouse Alliance.

However, with the departures of Tina Barta and Jemmye Carroll at the start of the show and the elimination of Sylvia Elsrode in episode 6, the triple champion has fewer allies in the final episodes of the season.

New episodes of Season 3 of “The Challenge: All Stars” arrive on Paramount + on Wednesday.

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