Renewal of the school contract, negotiations begin today in Aran. Bianchi: “We pay teachers too little”

Tuesday, May 17 will be an important day for the school: after the recent issuance of the Guidance Law by the Civil Service, at 15.30 negotiations will be held in Aran for the renewal of the National Employment Contract for the 2019/2021 triennium. start of 1.2 million employees in the Education and Research sector.

The renewal of the contract will also provide two billion euros to workers, which will translate into approximately 100 euros gross per worker to which must be added 2 thousand to 3 thousand euros gross arrears..

“Money – says Ivana Barbacci (Cisl School) – they are the ones we know, they lead to an average increase of 104 euros gross: some will take 50 or 130 ″.

“It simply came to our notice then that we had declared a strike – increases Elvira Serafini (Snals) – we will go and listen but we will be very attentive, even a child would have understood, it is a movement, that of the government, too tied to the strike ”.

For Flc Cgil, Cisl Scuola, Uil Scuola, Snals Confsal and Gilda “All the reasons that led to the proclamation of the May 30 strike are confirmed.”

“This money is old, allocated by three budget laws, it refers to a contract that has three years and five months expired; a teacher without seniority will have about 60 euros gross (50 net). In addition, the address document arrives after the maximum time limit. What is being demanded now is to clear the ground for this direct intervention by the Government, eliminating the education subjects of Legislative Decree 36/2022, which are and must remain a contractual prerogative. “they conclude.

During an institutional meeting, the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, spoke on the delicate issue of the salary of teachers and school principals. An intervention that falls on the eve of the meeting with the unions on the renewal of the contract.

“I know, – He said – we pay too little for both our teachers and our principals. We are having titanic battles with accounting to make it clear. There is a fundamental problem, we must also make the teaching profession be perceived again. Our community doesn’t know what a teacher does, a teacher, today. We must strive to better understand what we are doing. “

Finally, he concluded by stating that he is fighting a titanic battle with the State Accounts to allow for a proper salary increase.

The first meeting to discuss the renewal of the contract will be held on Tuesday 17 May at 15.00 in Aran.

Residence documents

Industry-specific home deed:

  • completes the framework policy for all three-year contract renewals: 2019/2021 of 20 April 2021;
  • contains common parts for the whole sector and special sections for the individual sectors;
  • presents news on agile work, well-being, training and professional organization of ATA staff with specific reference for DSGA.


Agile work

One of the novelties for ATA workers will be the contracting of agile work that can be alternated with that of presence.

The contract must define the ways in which it can be carried out, regulating, in particular, trade union rights and relations, specific training, preparation and use of devices, safety and health, time and availability of work, the right to disconnect, re-entries. In-depth article

ATA tasks and DSGA enhancement

A separate chapter will be the reformulation of the legal system and the salary review. For this purpose, additional resources will be allocated, which do not exceed 0.55% of the salary for 2018. In-depth article


Distance learning

Among the government’s proposals is to hire distance education, emphasizing the need to regulate working time, as well as security or the right to disconnect. In-depth article

Teaching functions for autonomy

Coming soon news for class coordinators, department or tutors of new hires. Figures that the contract calls for to be exploited without this, however, causing an increase in more burdens for the state. In-depth article

Compulsory training

Teachers will need to be constantly trained and skills will need to be “rewarded”. The Hypothesis of the Orientation Law calls for a real Copernican revolution, with obligations but also concessions: such as training during service hours and the remuneration of the skills acquired. In-depth article


Among the items in the text is also a “well-being” aimed at the school world. The aim is to identify interventions with the aim of improving staff well-being: parenting, health services, sustainable mobility. Here are some interesting facts.

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