Plexus Manager: A final report template

Article 7, paragraph 2, letter and article 459 of Legislative Decree no. 297 of 16.04.1994, art. 25, section 5 of Legislative Decree no. 165/2001 and article 1 section 83 of law no. 107, of July 13, 2015, assign certain characteristics, responsibilities and functions to the Head or Board of Trustees of the complex. In fact, it oversees a multitude of tasks that, in most cases, far exceed what the decentralized bargaining of school funds annually recognizes. It should be noted that this is not a collaboration with the service hours and that it is impossible to guarantee the presence, at the institute, throughout the day.

The duties of the plexus head

Among its tasks, that of:

  • to collaborate with the Director and the first Collaborator in the daily substitutions of the absent teachers in the complex;
  • to collaborate with the DS for the writing of the schedule of the classes; -perform the control in the corridors and spaces of the plexus;
  • record teacher sessions in the absence of the first and second collaborator;
  • check teachers’ signatures for scheduled school activities;
  • check teachers’ daily signatures;
  • grant short-term recovery permits and ensure their recovery, noting them in the corresponding register; – write down the overtime hours in a special register;
  • check students’ compliance with school regulations (discipline, delays, early departures);
  • to collaborate with the Director in the writing of circulars of the profesorado;
  • students on specific topics;
  • make service communications;
  • disseminate the circulars, the information to the guards of the complex and check the signatures of recognition, organize a functional and fast internal communication system;
  • systematically report to the director on the progress and problems of the plexus;
  • to manage the initiation of the sanctioning file (verbal notice, report to the family, notes in the personal booklet, etc.) and to communicate it to the director;
  • check the cleanliness of the plexus and report any anomalies to the DSGA;
  • collect the needs related to materials, aids, equipment necessary for the plexus;
  • perform the role of reference for the security of the complex; – Supervise and challenge infringements of the smoking ban in accordance with Law 24/11/1981 n. 689;
  • attend staff meetings.

The share

The gross remuneration must be paid by the MOF, which must pay in accordance with art. 34 of the CCNL 2006/2009. This remuneration is determined in the complementary negotiation of the Institute and the remuneration is paid according to the effective exercise of the task and previous presentation of a detailed report on the matter. This appointment takes effect immediately and lasts until August 31 or until the dismissal of the school principal.

The final report of the activity carried out

A first step should be to refer to the appointment, the school year and the complex in which it operated. Where appropriate, supplements should be included in the appointment of the manager or trustee of the complex related to, for example, the safety or surveillance of the smoking ban.


It is therefore necessary to list the tasks, taking care to extrapolate them from the appointment decree. Also be sure to indicate the details of the appointment itself. The list of delegated or assigned tasks will allow you to better identify what you have done and list your strengths and weaknesses.

The function

It would be very useful to detail the performance of this function using some indicators, such as:

  • To communicate
  • Organize and manage
  • Coordinate safety and health
  • Maintain relationships
  • Take care of the documentation
  • The DaD (for the fraction of the year and for specific cases in case of fiduciary isolation or illness).

Do not forget, therefore, to make a long and detailed detail in the management of the plexus also during the DDA, this separates those who want to stand between you and the payment of the function performed.

Additional service time

Although it is a paid function and without any binding and obligatory hours of service, it is worthwhile to better detail what has been done, the more time has been spent, the many stays during the hours of service.

In your report you will better detail:

  • when you take on school service;
  • the time required for plexus relations with the secretariat;
  • the time for the management, also in DAD, of the relations with the teaching staff of the complex.

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