Naples, the Barcelona plan for Koulibaly

NAPLES – The week starting tomorrow can be crucial for the future of Koulibaly. “If at the Assembly scheduled for Thursday the partners approve the two financial transactions we propose, we will settle the debts earlier than planned and we will be able to invest to strengthen the team.“The announcement of the president of the BarcelonaGo The doorit makes the Barça fans dream and makes the club’s fans tremble Naples: Kalidou is one of the great goals of Xavi, is a well-known story, but the issue was addressed with some detachment precisely because of the club’s debt situation. Quantified at 500 million euros by the vice president of the economic area, Eduard Romeo. The new scenarios planned by Laporta, however, must be re-evaluated as a threatening shadow from the perspective of Koulibaly’s situation: he rejected the renewal of his contract that expired in 2023, to begin with, and obviously Barça’s call has almost a charm. irresistible. Especially on the morning of the 31st, which will be held on the 20th of June. So far, we said, it has been more than anything a suggestion that has moved the waters of the Gulf a little, but the possible financial turning point would also give the possibility to operate. To pack that famous offer that has never arrived yet: the initial evaluation of De Laurentiis almost 40 million euros. Just wait: now it’s really a matter of days.

Dreams and reality

And then the first puzzle might be close to resolution. The first and perhaps most important of all, net of the value of the player and the man in question and their influence on the technical-tactical balance and the dressing room. Spalletti, a year ago, announced that he was willing to chain himself to keep Kalidou, and then before and after the championship he reaffirmed his role within the team: fundamental, in a single concept. He said this publicly and also to President and Director Giuntoli during the various operational meetings focused on the construction of the new Naples. Koulibaly as an essential pillar to confirm: well, it doesn’t wrinkle. But then there are delicate and even complicated realities – starting with renewal – as well as personal ambitions. And this is where Barça comes into play: a myth, a dream for those who play football. An endless charm, even if you love the city viscerally, you are one of the idols of the blue people as well as the new captain of the team.

In France

After the match against Rwanda valid for qualifying for the next Africa Cup of Nations, among other things, Kalidou said a few words but calibrated: “Barcelona? I don’t want to lie: I don’t know anything at the moment, I haven’t talked to anyone. I totally focused on the national team. After the holidays in Senegal I will return to Europe: I will let you know very soon“Here: Kalidou has returned to France, is at home, and is probably also intrigued by the outcome of the Barça Assembly scheduled for Thursday. Among other things, his manager, Fali Ramadani, was in Italy from Monday to Thursday: Milan and then Rome on Wednesday, a stone’s throw from De Laurentiis, but without knowing him The idea? It will be presented when you have interesting news to communicate: a real offer. Xavi, Barcelona, ​​meanwhile, can only evaluate events and then decide: the player has been directly offered a first five-year renewal at 8 million gross per season, and therefore definitely less than the 6 net received currently, but the deadline of 2023 imposes.reflections: DeLa could decide to keep it, declare it non-transferable despite the contractual distance and maybe reopen the negotiation to renew, for God’s sake, but the limit of g ener and free transfer separations are experiences already lived with the previous captain.

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