Michelle Hunziker, heavy truth about the breakup with Tomaso Trussardi

The truth that led to the final separation of the couple Tomaso Trussardi and Michelle Hunziker seems to have finally come out, the alleged betrayal is heavy.

It is impossible not to name one of the most beloved characters in the world of show business and entertainment in our country. Michelle Hunziker, her joy and sympathy are appealingso much so that she is one of the most influential presenters right now.

Her smile is contagious, she has been bringing joy and happiness to Italian homes for many years thanks to her always successful programs, such as All together now, Love Bugs, the quintessential satirical newscast Strip the news who sees her working alongside her great friend Gerry Scotti for years and, last but not least, its great success, Michelle Impossible where she not only leads, but is the undisputed protagonist along with the many guests who together with her create unique curtains.

Michelle begins her incredible career when she is still very young, she immediately stands out not only for her extraordinary beauty but above all for her incredible talent. The famous Swiss-born presenter literally captured the heart of the audience, for examplepesso is the center of media attention not only for his brilliant career, but also for his private life, who on more than one occasion has been convulsed.

Michelle Hunziker

Michelle has been through a lot, we once met his brother, that maybe not everyone knows, the two were very close then something happened and they completely cut the ties, the same one decided to appear to speak indirectly with its sister and to ask explanations to him and in transmission it said: “It’s been more than ten years since you called me, you didn’t look for me, you didn’t feel: you tell me what I did to you. You printed your biography where you talked about our whole family and not about me. “

Then it continues to explode, “I am deaf and almost mute, but I exist and I love you. I am also very ill, five years ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumor which, fortunately, Swiss surgeons were able to remove. You didn’t write my name as if I didn’t exist, but I’m here: I forgive you and I want to hug you again. “

A story that we’ve talked about before and that has left the audience especially worried precisely because no one would have ever expected it.

But in Michelle’s next present there is another story that made all the major gossip magazines talk, that is. the end of her relationship with her husband Tomaso Trussardinow begin to some important news emerges that clarify the issue.

Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi, a finished story. The truth

Michelle Hunziker

The relationship between Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi was very long and intense, in fact the two were together for ten years, they got married and from their union also came two daughters, Celeste and Sole. the couple decided to end the relationship publicly through an ANSA press release, a separation that according to the most experts in the field it was something I had been planning for a long time.

The Hunziker was later seen in the company of another manplastic surgeon Giovanni Angiolini, fans of the showgirls were stunned when they were released the photos of the two in very intimate posesbut what left everyone most speechless was the discovery that the new couple had been dating for some time.

Michelle Hunziker

Michelle had been caught with Giovanni Angiolini just five days after the press release announcing the breakup with Trussardi, or January 23rd. So could this be the real reason for the couple’s breakup?

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