Marco Visintin, master of sports and especially rugby, died

Marco Visintin was 68 years old

He was 68 years old and taught several generations of young people in Prato his love for sports and especially for rugby where he had a real second family.

GRASS. The bad news had been on the air for a few days. Ever since he himself had wanted to greet his family and his closest relatives, he felt he no longer had the strength to continue.

And today, Sunday the 12th, Marco Visintin made his last step on the ground and, as the rugby players say, he passed the ball. At the age of 68, the physical education teacher who started generations of Prato rugby but also swimming has died. In addition to teaching at several schools in Prato as a full-time teacher, in fact, Marco Visintin did not have a free afternoon and weekend because he was always busy with swimming lessons but, above all, with his second family. : the world of rugby. . A sport, the oval ball that saw him as a young player and coach of the senior team with Rugby Prato. The year of the rossoblù’s last promotion to Serie B, he was in the double role of coach and player, as well as the year of the victory of the Italian Cup of Serie C. in the youth sector of Gispi Prato Rugby where he trained generations and generations of Prato rugby players. He was a local coach for Avet, coach of the Center for Youth and Future Sports Education. He was responsible for the City of Prato Trophy. He first joined Fir in 1970 and at Pier Cironi School set up a mini-rugby school as a school in 1973-74. A few years ago he received the Oval with a golden leaf from the Ciar-Avet.

There are also several national titles won with the green and blue teams. And now there are many messages of condolence reaching the family, his wife Cristina and their children Lorenzo and Federica. Hundreds and hundreds of messages of condolence for a man, who has also recently become a grandfather, who had his strengths in smiling and knowing how to minimize any situation.

“Hello Marco, traveling companion in rugby and in life. Always in my heart,” writes the regional president of the Italian Rugby Federation, Riccardo Bonaccorsi. “Hello Marco, fellow traveler in rugby and life. Always in the heart,” said Steno Orsecci. “Hello Marco, you were my first coach, I remember you as a sunny and cheerful person, you were important to me and I hug you with affection for many young people of my generation,” writes Gianluigi Guastini, one of the first of I’m ready to become a semi-professional in rugby. “33 years ago I met the person who made me love rugby and who, like me, marked the existence of many other people for his friendliness, patience, passion and ability to get the best out of the youngest. Marco Visintin today you have passed the ball and you will surely find a rugby paradise to train and transmit energy and passion, thank you for your gift for the good times and for the good memories you have left us “the beautiful message of Patrizio Cirillo.

Mayor Matteo Biffoni and the municipal administration also wished to express their condolences on the disappearance of Marco Visintin. “A life dedicated to sport and youth, and not just rugby. Professor Marco Visintin for many generations of students was a true legend of physical education both inside and outside the school, in fact during for many years he was also vice-president of the Sem Benelli Integral Institute, head of the City of Prato Trophy, provincial delegate of Coni rugby and head of swimming at the CGFS. A serious loss for city sports and school “The municipal administration expresses its condolences to Cristina, her children, Lorenzo and Federica, and her brother Giorgio, also a physical education teacher.”

And on the Facebook page of Gispi Rugby Prato the following message appeared: “Today we have to communicate a news that we never wanted to give. Marco Visintin died. There are no words to describe what the loss of ‘Vise’ means. .. Marco was simply the master of rugby in Prato for whole generations of boys and girls, although perhaps it would be an understatement to stop at just that. Marco represented the essence of rugby in all its forms and transmitted the values ​​of our discipline with a methodology that has been taught and recognized nationally We would like to go further with your memory and we will, but at least for now we need to stop here and gather around of the family at this time of immense pain. “

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