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A painful and convincing victory, caught only in extremis. He Livornoen the end ahead of the playoffs national from Excellenceexceeds by 2-1 the Pomezia and will now be able to count on two of three results in the return match, scheduled for seven days in Lazio. A success that the amaranths have lacked since last May 1, when Vantaggiato and his companions won the Porta Elisa 1-3 in the match against the Tau. And now, the D-Series is really one step away.

Livorno-Pomezia, the chronicle

Angelini, deprived of Vantaggiato (disqualified) and Luci (injured), distorts the tactical configuration of his team and trusts 3-4-2-1, with Ferretti supported by Frati and Torromino. In the middle of the field is Gargiulo along with Apollonius with Pecchia and Panebianco in the outer lanes, in defense of the space for Giampà, Milianti and Russo. The amaranths appear immediately at 2 ‘with an insidious tirocrros of Frati, but only a minute later the guests unblock the result, with Cano which Pulidori wins with a precise head. Livorno’s reaction is sterile and everything is in an attempt by Giampà’s header in a corner, while the guests, who are trying to put the match to sleep, look forward to the end of the first half with a blow from Oi, deflected corner in extremis de Milianti.

In the second half, Livorno, after a smooth start, took control of the game with the passing of the minutes and in the 60th minute equalized with Torromino, who wins with the right in Pinna after Frati’s foray into the penalty area. The goal galvanizes the amaranths who continue to press in search of the advantage, while the guests are limited to the defensive phase. In the end, some amaranths are being forced to try Petronelli (left a little to the side) and, above all, Ferretti, who does not take advantage of two good opportunities favoring the interventions of Pinna. The amaranth striker, however, is forgiven in full recovery, when he first gets and then transforms a very strong penalty in the race to D.

Chronicle of the Livorno-Pomezia match

Livorno (3-4-2-1): Polishers; Giampà, Milianti (52 ‘Franzoni), Russo; Pecchia (61 ‘Gelsi), Gargiulo, Apolloni (84’ Durante), Panebianco (78 ‘Petronelli); Frati (78 ‘Giuliani), Torromino; Ferretti. Available: Fontanelli, Ghinassi, Sailors, Palmiero. Ramats Angelini

Pomezia (3-5-1-1): Pinna; Bianchi, Celli, Manga; Oi (80 ‘Mezzina), Lo Pinto (71’ Lahrach), Fiorentini, Otero (80 ‘Ruggiero), Gallo (88’ Fusaroli); Cano (68 ‘Teti); Massella. Available: De Angelis, Kepi, Cardinali, Passiatore. All. Scaricamazza

Referee: Liotta de Castellammare di Stabia

Nets: 4 ‘Cano, 60’ Torromino, 96 ‘rig. Ferretti

Note: 0-4 corners, Oi, Massella, Otero, Russo, Gallo, Franzoni are cautioned, 4 ‘+ 6’ recovery

Livorno 2-1 Pomezia. THE END


97 ‘Armando Picchi is on target but unsuccessful

96 ‘ GOAL OF THE LIVORNOOOOOOOOOOO! Ferretti converts the penalty! Soaking ahead!

94 ‘ PENAL! Pinna pulls Ferretti and the referee points to the point

92 ‘Deep shot for Ferretti, Pinna makes a great save

90 ‘Six minutes of injury

88 ‘ REPLACEMENT IN POMEZIA Fusaroli takes his place


86 ‘ Ferretti! Livorno is still dangerous! Pinna is saved in the attempt from the closed position of the number 9 amaranth

85 ‘Amaranth forcing in this final

84 ‘ LIVORNO SUBSTITUTION Durante takes Apolloni’s place

83 ‘ Petronelli! Left of the number 27, ball next to not much

82 ‘ Ferretti! Shot in the head from the amaranth striker from two steps, the ball hit too weakly to hurt Pinna

80 ‘ DOUBLE SUBSTANT A POMEZIA Mezzina and Ruggiero enter, Oi and Otero leave

78 ‘ DOUBLE REPLACEMENT IN LIVORNO Panebianco i Frati leave, Petronelli i Giuliani enters

75 ‘Last quarter of an hour of play

71 ‘ REPLACEMENT IN POMEZIA The Pinto leaves, Lahrach enters

70 ‘The match resumes

69 ‘Pause for the players to quench their thirst

68 ‘ REPLACEMENT IN POMEZIA Teti replaces Cano


65 ‘Livorno are pushing forward but the ball is blocked by a defender.


61 ‘ LIVORNO SUBSTITUTION Gelsi takes his place

60 ‘ LIVORNOOOOOOOOO GOAL! Torromino! The amaranth striker beats Pinna from a short distance after Frati’s attack!

56 ‘ Torromino! Right from the edge of the old Ternana, high ball above the crossbar

55 ‘Botta shoots from distance, but the shot goes wide

52 ‘ LIVORNO SUBSTITUTION Franzoni replaces Milianti

50 ‘Angelini are preparing to make the first move

47 ‘Pomezia’s possession in this second half begins

46 ‘The second half begins


45 ‘+ 3’ Right! Risk for Livorno! Milianti’s deflection to the corner on the blow of the number 2 rossoblù was decisive

45 ‘Four minutes of recovery assigned

45 ‘Fiorentini are pushing forward but Pulidori’s finish is wide of the post

43 ‘Tirano crosses Cano from the right, Pulidori takes the ball on

41 ‘Livorno struggles to find space in the offensive phase

39 ‘Giampà makes a clearance resulting in a corner

35 ‘Picchi are on target but unsuccessful


32 ‘Chaos in the middle of the field: now a lot of nervousness


28 ‘This first part of the game is very fragmented

26 ‘The match resumes

24 ‘Cool weather in Armando Picchi

23 ‘ Giampà! Header from two steps by the defender amaranth, high ball

20 ‘Pomezia’s insidious restart with Cano, very good Milianti to stop the number 10 of Pomezia over the opponent’s area

19 ‘Torromino tries a through ball, but rossoblù is caught offside.

17 ‘Departure for Torromino, safe exit from Pinna

14 ‘Livorno is penalized for a handball

13 ‘Oi raid, the guest number 2 is blocked by amaranth defense

12 ‘Livorno are pushing forward but Pomezia’s finish is wide of the post.

10 ‘Sparks between Frati and Gallo after a foul by the guest

8 ‘Amaranth are on target but unsuccessful.

7 ‘Cano is on target but unsuccessful

4 ‘The end of the amaranth starts uphill, forced immediately to chase his opponents

3 ‘ GOAL OF POMEZIA Cano passes Pulidori with a precise header with a cross from the left

2 ‘ Immediately Livorno forward! Frati’s tirocross, Pinna manages to thwart the threat

1 ‘The match has started

– Welcome to the live text of Livorno-Pomezia, a race valid for the first leg of the national playoffs of excellence.

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