Generation of goodness: The first six councils of girls and boys were established

CANVAS – There are already six municipalities within the Space for Girls and Boys for Kindness Project, coordinated by the Cor et Amor Association and created in collaboration with the Piedmont Region, which have chosen and installed their own Municipal Council for the Good of the Generation of Girls and Boys: Bollengo, Castellamonte, Maglione, Nole, Nomaglio, Quincinetto.

Following a standard regulation, studied by the lawyers of the Aiga Ivrea Association, each municipality has adapted it taking into account its characteristics, for example not everyone has a school in their territory, the optional modalities were different. For example, Maglione and Nomaglio chose to recognize as members of the City Council of Girls and Boys all those who are within a predetermined age range and to elect the president and his deputy. In Quincinetto the council of the little ones is made up of all the fourth graders, the council among the residents of the municipality while the president and his deputy were elected by the councilors. In Nole, the primary and secondary classes involved elected their representatives and then appointed the president. In Bollengo and Castellamonte the elections were held with the involvement of primary school students.

After the elections, each municipal administration has scheduled an official time for the installation of the Municipal Council of Girls and Boys. Luca Nardi, Livia Saltetto and Massimo Stellato, who coordinate the execution of the project, explain the evolution of the project: “Of the 20 participating municipalities, 2 were already at the head of the body representing children and youth, Lessolo almost In the elective phase, 6 municipalities have completed the liquidation, while the rest have recently approved the rules of operation and operation of the CCRR itself in the council and will elect it in September. association to transmit to the elected youth the necessary tools to generate and build good practices at almost zero cost for the common good, the results will be shared and made available to CRRs throughout Italy to be replicated in the scope of the National Project We build goodness ”.

The Municipal Councils of Settled Girls and Boys:

Bollengo – tutor: Daniela Ferro, councilor of Bondat. CCRR members: Nicolò L. (President), Stefano C. (Vice President), Sophia A., Alice F., Stefan G., Olivia G., Ambra L., Noemi M., Isabella U., Maria V., Thomas V ..

Castellamonte – tutor: Martina Osello, councilor. CCRR members: Viola M. (President), Giulio C., Greta Lucia T., Leonardo G., Alessia I., Matteo R., Filippo G., Gabriela Michelle C., Leon C., Ilaria G.

Sweater – tutor: Pier Domenico Garrone and Paola Zaltron, municipal councilors, citizen Giovanni Chimenti. CCRR members: Alessio G. (President), Ginevra T. (Vice-President), Elisa B., Nicolo ‘C., Lorenzo C., Giacomo C., Davide Di B., Alessia F., Alessia G., Giulia G ., Veronica M., Tommaso R ..

Nole – tutor: Sara Cozza and teachers Prof. Monica Prelini and Samuele Muscas. CCRR members: Edoardo P. (President), Leila G., Giulia B., Chiara P., Dalia M., Federico C., Anita D., Andrea C., Alessia S ..

Nomaglio – tutor: Ellade Peller, mayor. CCRR members: Vittoria B. (President), Amedeo E. (Vice President), Diego A., Matthieu B., Giorgia BP, Noemi C., Alessia C., Andres D’A., Noemi DC, Jury DC, Sofia G., Jason G., Noah H., Michael L., Giovanni O., Giulia O ..

Fifth – tutor: Erina Patti, councilor of Bondat. CCRR members: Marta Z. (President), Sebastiano B. (Vice President), Sasha DF, Haikel G., Nicole MF, Rachel MF, Rostyslav NR, Francesca A., Thierry C., Davi Enoc DSA, Francesco P., Matilda P., Melissa R., Diego S., Valenzano TA, Margherita T., Lorenzo V ..

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