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Big babies for whom? The nouvelle vague of Italian football, the one that Mancini recruited by scoring all the Italian series, overturns some stereotypes about the new generations unable to take risks and commit themselves, forever on the shoulders of parents and grandparents. The emblem may be Fabrizio CATS, he made his debut yesterday with the English without a minute in the Serie A, who worked as a bricklayer to help at home and at night in the general markets. But in reality, many young footballers seem more mature than previous generations: for example, they have learned the importance of gaining experience abroad, a kind of Erasmus of the ball, even getting into the chaos of strangers. . Forerunner was one of them SCAMACCA 16 / year in the Netherlands, a host country QUAGLIATA (outside Almelo) e ORISTANI (Midfielder of Inter del Volendam). The tightrope walker now plays in Switzerland GONTOprotagonist with Germany, there was the fan of Inter THE FRAME I SEBASTIANO ESPOSITO (Salvatore’s brother). In League 1 he is in Monaco PELLEGRI (when it is not for granted), the promising side of the Cagliari played there BEAUTIFUL NEW. Landing in Portugal and Austria for Italians of Ghanaian origin as a tip YEBOHA or of Ivorian origin as a midfielder BAMBA. The selection can benefit from this new mentality.

After the second consecutive world clash, less than a year after the European victory, Mancini is quickly turning the page on recruiting the best young Italians, and the League of Nations is sending out some positive signals. Up to the hard core of the DONNARUMMA, BASTOS, LIBERA, LOCATELLI, CHURCH a handful of proven items are added that will have more space (from Scamacca to SCRAPERS, from ZANIOLO a TONALS, from PILGRIMS a PESSINA). Then there is the planting of an elongated stage that led to the debut of eight young people like Gnonto, ZERBÍ, Chancellors, FRATTESIS, RICCI, POBEGACats and SALVADOR EXPOSED. It seems to relive the ferment of the times of the hundredth squad of Fulvio Bernardini, who paved the way for the 1982 World Cup, or that of Arrigo Sacchi’s multi-stage, who lost the world title only on penalties in 1994. young people are the big names, but atalanta has always been at the forefront of big profits in recent years. He has a very promising team of young people around, in line with his story: the goalkeeper CARNESECCHI, the defenders SCALVINI, LOVATO I OKOLI, the exteriors LUCK I RUGGERIthe finalists CORTINOVIS I EXCHANGE, the attacker THE LITTLE ONES. Juve’s work was also excellent (in addition to Gatti, the midfielders FEVETS, ROVELLA I FROG) and Milan (the goalkeeper PLIZZARIthe defender CAGE, the midfielders Pobega, the striker DANIEL MALDINI, the attacker LORENZO COLOMBO). It is too early to say whether all this will lead to concrete results by correcting the myopia of those clubs which, unlike those in the avant-garde countries, never focus on young people. But the road has been paved.

This is an overview of the most interesting prospects for Italian football, role by role.
(born in 2000, owned by Atalanta, ceded to Cremonese) from Romania prepared for the big jump, followed by Lazio; Stefano TURATI (2001, Sassuolo-Reggina) in Ronaldo’s Juve debut; Alessandro Plizzari (2000, Milan-Lecce) probable heir of Donnarumma al Rossoneri.
Giorgio SCALVINI (2003, Atalanta) the youngest to score in Serie A, inspired by Thiago Silva; Matteo LOVATO (2000, Atalanta-Cagliari) knows how to mount Bonucci; Federico GATTI (1998, Juve-Frosinone) relentless, possible heir to Chiellini; Nicolo ‘CASALE (1998, Verona-Empoli) also good in the band, such as Lazio; Matteo CAGE (1999, Milan) also useful as a midfielder.
Fabiano PARISI (2000, Empoli) ‘pendolino’ skilled in both phases, combined with Napoli and Inter; Raul BELLANOVA (2000, Cagliari) powerful and continuous, appetite for big names, compared to Zambrotta; Andrea CAMBIASO (2000, Genoa) great season, excellent on both sides; Alessandro ZANOLI (2000, Naples) flexibility and personality, owner with Spalletti.
Nicolo ‘FAGIOLI (2001, Juve-Cremonese) Allegri student, 7 assists and 3 promotion goals; Tommaso POBEGA (1999, Milan-Turin), a talented all-terrain vehicle ready to break; Salvatore ESPOSITO (2000, Spal) banned medium and of excellent technique; Samuel RICCI (2001, Turin) leading classical director in Empoli and Turin; Nicolo ‘ROVELLA (2001, Juve-Genoa) director in which the Bianconeri have invested heavily.
Emanuel VIGNATO (2000, Bologna) already externally associated with Del Piero; Matteo CANCELLIERI (2002, Verona) grew up in Trigoria, fast and enterprising; Nicolo ‘CAMBIAGHI (2000, Atalanta-Pordenone) the man jumps well, is inspired by Insigne; Daniel MALDINI (2001-Milan) son and grandson of art, a goal in the Scudetto year.
Andrea PINAMONTI (1999, Inter-Empoli), 13 goals at Empoli, now mature; Wilfried GLONTO (2002, Zurich) successfully launched by Mancini; Roberto PETIT (2001, Atalanta-Genoa), useful and complete striker; Moses KEAN (2000, Everton-Juve) must decide whether to break or end Balotelli; Piero PELLEGRI (2001, Monaco-Turin), an eternal promise but affected by many injuries.

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