Football: great ‘show’ on the first day of the Interbar Tournament. Today 2nd and 3rd round of groups.

He first round of meetings of the historian 7 Municipalities Interbar Tournament it gave a lot of emotions to the large audience that gathered Sasso di Asiagoseat of the Feast of St. Anthonywith the 12 formations from all over the plateau who have been fighting in the 25 minutes available for each match.

Today see the second day, probably the most demanding given the number of matches that will be played on the synthetic turf of the fraction of Asiago, from 15.00 to 21.00. With the second and third group round we will define the equipment they will have direct access to the Quarterfinalsthose who Monday the 13th will play a triangular among the third ranked, and also the formations that will leave the Tournament.

Here are the impressions of one of the ‘big’ of the Interbar Tournament, the ‘overpaid’ DS of the Bufera Canove, Andrea ‘Scali’ refrigerator.

The results of the 1st round of the group

Friday 10

Asiago vs Roana 1-0

Balanced match between Asiago and Riviera Roana. Roana seems to be superior in creating an excellent goal, including a stick from Azzolini. In the end, however, Asiago’s goal froze the grenade, with Federico Girardi which climbs into the net below the door.
Best in the field: Rayen Abdalla (Asiago)

Galli vs Canove 2-0

You have a match between Gallium and Canove, with Gallium making the match but unable to break and Morm Scali’s Storm Canove complaining about a penalty not given. Unlock it Kevin Finco with a cross shot and the double arrives shortly after with the goal of Tomàs Tagliaro.
Best in the field: Pere Alberti (Galli)

Stuttgart vs Rubbio 2-1

The queen of the tournament, Stoccareddo, immediately starts strong, who immediately finds the goal with a pearl of Matteo Baù. Shortly afterwards the icy rain came for Rubbio with the doubling of the whites and blues with Nicolau Bau. However, Mister Cortese did not manage to connect with it, as his team mates had hoped, and the ball went out. Gianmarco Bonamigo but, unfortunately for them, it is not enough.
Best in the field: Matteo Baù (Stuttgart)

Camporovere vs Cesuna 2-2

The derby in the municipality of Roana between Camporovere and Lokomotiv ends in a draw. Game that lights up after the goal in the lob of Matteo Tessari, a real thorn in the side of Lokomotiv during all 25 minutes of play. Think about it Andrea Rossi to match the Cesuna marker with a rigorously surgically transformed at the junction of the poles.

Best in the field: Matteo Tessari (Camporovere)

Foza vs Treschè Conca 2-4

Strong match between Treschè Conca and Foza, current headlines. The Treschè Conca starts very strong and immediately advances to the first throw with a stone of Alberto Rubbo. After him he grabs the chair Mattia Baù who with 2 free throws leads his team to 3-0. Foza does not give up and regains courage with a double Samuel Polibut the spearhead of Treschè Conca is in charge of closing all the possibilities of ascent, Tomàs Albertiwhich closes the match with a fantastic heel.

Enego vs Lusiana-Conco 1-3

Enego’s team, in its debut in the Interbar Tournament, plays an excellent match against the Lusiana-Conco battleship, which ensures the result with the goal of Davide Cantele and the arm of Tommaso Ronzani. The boys from the Scaligera tower still manage to score theirs first goal in the history of the Interbar Tournament with Elvis Bizzotto.

Interbar 7 Comuni Football Tournament - debut of the Enego team
Enego players after the challenge of debuting in the Interbar Tournament

The classification of groups

Group ‘A’

Pt 3 Asiago
Pt 3 Gali
Pt 0 Riviera Roana
Pt 0 Storm Canove

Group ‘B’

Pt. 3 Stuttgart
Pt 1 Camporovere
Pt 1 Lokomotiv Cesuna
Pt 0 Rubbio

Group “C”

Pt 3 Treschè Conca
Pt 3 Lusiana-Conco
Pt. 0 Foza
Pt. 0 Enego

Interbar 7 Municipal Football Tournament - Camporovere Team
The players of the Camporovere team

The schedule of the next matches

Saturday, June 11th – 2nd and 3rd group round
(1 time 25 ‘)

15:00 – Asiago vs Gallio
15:30 – Roana vs Canove
16:00 – Stuttgart vs Camporovere
16:30 – Rubbio vs Cesuna
17:00 – Foza vs Enego
17:30 – Treschè Conca vs Lusiana-Conco
18:00 – Asiago vs Canove
18:30 – Roana vs Gallium
19:00 – Stuttgart vs Cesuna
19:30 – Rubbio vs Camporovere
20:00 – Foza vs Lusiana-Conco
20:30 – Treschè Conca vs Enego

Monday, June 13thThird triangular place
(1 time 25 ‘)
8.30pm – 3rd A vs 3rd B
21:00 – Loser vs. 3 ° C
9.30pm – Winner vs 3 ° C

Friday, June 17Quarterfinals
(2 times 20 ‘)
20:00 ‘Q1’ – 1st A vs?
21:00 ‘Q2’ – 1st B vs?
22:00 ‘Q3’ – 1 ° C vs?
23:00 ‘Q4’ – Best 2nd vs?

Saturday, June 18Semifinals, Finals 3rd and 1st place
(2 times 20 ‘)
16:00 ‘S1’ – Q1 vs Q2
17:00 ‘S2’ – Q3 vs Q4
18:00 ‘F 3r’ – loser S1 vs loser S2
19:00 ‘F 1st’ – S1 Winner vs S2 Winner

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Football: The Interbar Tournament starts tomorrow at the Sasso di Asiago

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