Fiorentina transfer market: Pinamonti, Grillitsch, Milik, Suárez

Pinamonti for attack, Grillitsch in midfield and a central defender replacing Milenkovic. These are currently the priorities of the Fiorentina market, which entered the operational phase after the agreement with Italy for an extension of the contract until 2024, extendable until 2025, with an adjustment to the salary increase set in 1.5 million euros plus bonus to reach 2. Now is the time to take the first concrete steps in front of the negotiations that plan to prop up with a top-level player the vertical skeleton of the team that goes from the defense to attack. Next to the key pawns, then, it is necessary to set up a network of players of substance and reliability in accordance with the rise of the bar. Minimum goal, the consolidation of the club in the first positions of the league. The next step is to aim for a return to the Champions League, with the Conference League thus assuming a double and fundamental value: gaining experience in Europe, ensuring visibility and economic profitability from the box office and marketing.

The most advanced agreement refers to the nerve center of the field. That Lucas Torreira will most likely be orphaned by an incurable gap between the Arsenal’s request for ransom, which is less than 15 million, and the purple offer, which cannot exceed 8. So, the construction of the July 10 purple maneuver to the withdrawal of Moena, net of sensational surprises, must be entrusted to the polite and expert feet of the Austrian midfielder Florian Grillitsch who is expiring with the Hoffenheim. On Friday, the 1995 promotion agent reportedly arrived in the city to resolve the details with the purple executives. The base is a four-year period of about 2 million euros net per season. Grillitsch is a midfielder with strong interdiction skills, a powerful physique but good bargaining properties. It’s a bit reminiscent of the German Effenberg, who between 1992 and 1994, with genius and recklessness, ran Fiorentina even with the captain’s armband. Another interesting name for the median is that of Giulio Maggiore, an Italian student, who would not be willing to renew his contract with La Spezia, which expires in 2023.

The arm

The question of the center forward has less defined outlines but a name that has been in force for days: Andrea Pinamonti. The endorsement is not just any and comes from those who know him very well, his former Inter Primavera coach Stefano Vecchi, winner of two league titles against Fiorentina. “Pinamonti is the strongest striker of Italy in ’99,” said Vecchi. “He is a player with enormous potential. in the European Cups. ” Then there’s a plan B that doesn’t take investment into a young person into account and focuses on experience and high names. Those of Pistolero Suárez expiring with Atletico Madrid and former Neapolitan Milik. Monstrous salaries, but also the ambition of President Commisso is huge. Therefore, surprises are not excluded.

The central knot

Also because the axis with Inter seems solid. Pinamonti as “bait” to reach Milenkovic (same agent of the Italian: Fali Ramadani), a caliber profile to compensate for the departure of one of the great power plants of Inzaghi. The exchange formula could also be beneficial for both. Although it was not “dry” but with an adjustment of about 5 million in favor of Inter, estimated by the club at about 20. If Milenkovic left, two names like the viola: Johan Vásquez, as he is already an expert. in Serie A (Genoa), and the Brazilian Leo Ortiz, born in 1996 in Bragantino, but costs 12 million and is highly courted in the Premier League.

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