Calcio Csi Faenza, Speed ​​Queen Segafredo and a winning double: after the «Tredozi» also wins the championship

Gabriel Garavini
The 60th amateur football championship organized by the Csi di Faenza saw the final event of the 2021/2022 season on Sunday 5 June. In the beautiful sports field of Basiago, on a very hot afternoon and in front of a very large audience, the long-awaited final event of the oldest amateur football tournament in the Faenza area was held. Of the 20 teams that started in the preliminary round in early October, two were left in the running: Sant’Andrea and Speed ​​Queen. The match was exciting, although Speed ​​Queen mortgaged the final victory in the first half, closed with a two-goal lead (2-0).

The match was pleasant and well played by both teams, which had several players of excellent technical stature. Sant’Andrea started strong and after a few minutes got a penalty. Stefano Monti did not have a good day today, often losing his footing on the muddy pitch. In the middle of the first half, the Speed ​​Queen broke the deadlock thanks to a feat by her number 80, Kane Racine Karasse. Towards the end of time came the doubling of the Speed ​​Queen thanks to a masterful punishment from his captain Mattia Rinaldini. A player with a remarkable career, having also won a tournament in Viareggio with the Milan shirt in his youth. At the end of the first half, Rinaldini was still in the spotlight, always hitting a post from Sant’Andrea’s goal on a free kick. At the beginning of the second half, Sant’Andrea’s vehement forcing, who scored several chances to reopen the game, but Tommaso Aversano and his teammates incredibly missed them. Goal missed goal conceded, according to a football law, and in fact on the counterattack the Speed ​​Queen found a penalty that closed the game for good. From the start, Mattia Rinaldini made no mistake and scored the 3-0 which will then be the final result of the match. Deserved final success for Speed ​​Queen Segafredo Zanetti, led on the bench by Pier Paolo Baccarini in the second success of this championship after the one achieved in 2020.

This is the staff of Speed ​​Queen Segafredo Zanetti: Marco Ballardini, Mauro Bersani, Francesco Celotti, Simone Lanzoni, Davide Luccaroni, Maodo Ndiaye, Marco Nenni, Matteo Nicolini Enrico Pomini, Mattia Rinaldini, Francesco Simone, Tiziano Solaroli, Abdoulaye Sylla, Hamza Zin Dine, Emanuele Bandini, Karasse Kane Racine. Coach Pier Paolo Baccarini, assistant coach Gabriele Balducci, coach Marco Sartoni. The Speed ​​Queen had also won the 15th Tredozi Memorial for the second time, beating Girasole 5-2. The work of the refereeing triad formed by Mauro Casamenti, Fabrizio Turrini and Giorgio Toma was discreet. The Discipline Cup was won by the Borgo team. The awards ceremony at the end of the match was given by Alessandro Neri, President of the CSI Committee of Faenza, and Giovanni Conti, CSI Regional Football Delegate.

In the historic gold medal of the Csi Faenza amateur football championship, Dinamo Ten Decimi leads with 9 victories, Pieve Cesato continues with 8 victories, then at 6 we find San Martino in Gattara. At 5 altitude is Sant’Andrea, then at 3 the Fossolo, then with 2 titles, Speed ​​Queen Segafredo Zanetti, Reda, Boncellino, Falegnameria miscellaneous, Raggisolaris and Errano. Finally, here are the teams that have only won one championship: Mens Sana Errano, Faenza Uno, Basiago, Prada, Sub Faenza, Traversara, Fratelli Monti, Bar Filanda, Marzeno, Filetto, Bar Portessore, Autoshow, S. Adriano, Ranxeros Bar, Ascension, The Bears Faenza, Cafè del Viale and Zingarò. Finally, the Csi di Faenza football season will end on Friday 17 June with the final of the 40th edition of the Cacciari Cup, a consolation tournament between the teams eliminated from the final phase of the 2022 championship.

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