Burt Reynolds and Tammy Wynette: How Loretta Lynn helped her hide from her ex Dinah Shore

Actor Burt Reynolds and country music “First Lady” Tammy Wynette were once an object. And the tabloids ate them both, so they loved them together. Read on to learn more about Reynolds and Wynette’s adventure and how to be their friend Loretta Lynn helped her hide from her famous ex, singer and actor, Dinah Shore.

(L) Burt Reynolds | Stanley Bielecki / Getty Images (R) Tammy Wynette Movie Collection | Bettmann / Getty Images

When did Burt Reynolds and Tammy Wynette meet?

According to Cocaine and Rhinestones, Reynolds and the “First Lady of the Country” met in 1975 after a painful divorce from her third husband, the legendary George Jones.

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