Basketball, Milan-Virtus match-3. Shengelia is renewed

The agreement between the Georgian winger and Scariolo’s team is made, only the officiality is missing. Final series 1-1, at 20.30 will be played at the Assago Forum

Watch out for the Toko. It is Milan’s number one danger in this Scudetto final that tonight marks the third act of the series at the Forum, with the first of two matches at the Olympia. We are talking about Tornik’e Shengelia, because Toko, the Georgian winger whom Virtus recruited last March together with Daniel Hackett from the CSKA Moscow diaspora over the conflict with Ukraine, may change the game from one quarter to the next to change the game from the worst to the best. We saw it in race-2: the negative protagonist of a difficult first part, with forced solutions from three points that do not compete, in the second part Shengelia began to grind baskets on the low pole, her favorite realm where she goes build a career in the big Euroleague between Vitoria and CSKA. His footwork, his ability to move in tight spaces and turn the pivot in the most effective way to jump the direct opponent, made all the difference. In front of him, Milan’s defense was broken, the baskets of the 30-year-old Tbilisi player pushed Bologna to 1-1 after the knockout suffered in race-1. However, in the first 2 quarters he had almost everything wrong, but Scariolo continued to believe in his bearded Georgian, with a sculptural physique and the appearance of a Bronze Age warrior: “The coach, “When I went to the bench, he wanted to shake me, and I reaffirmed my confidence,” said Shengelia, a 30-year-old employee. my game. Now I only think about game-3, the most important thing for me. the game is always next “. Scariolo was Shengelia’s coach and mentor in Vitoria, the decisive stage (six seasons in Baskonia) to enter the first band of the European lengths. It is clear to the skin that there is a strong bond between the two.


Virtus has hired Shengelia until the end of the season as a guarantee to win the European Championship, a goal that has reopened the doors of the Euroleague to the club owned by Zanetti. The player wanted to have his hands free to manage the future but between the parties the feeling has blossomed well and there is already an agreement for the two-year renewal with the option for the third season (in short, it goes up to 2026). The operation will be formalized later with the signatures because Toko now wants to focus all his thoughts on the final. Shengelia has found the ideal solution in Bologna to continue her parable at a high level and move her large family from Valencia, where she has lived since she left Georgia at the age of 16 to grow up in the Spanish league. Virtus shares a total agreement, Shengelia’s attitudes and professionalism immediately positively impacted the CEO. Baraldi who started the courtship to convince him to take root in Virtus. Now the maximum has been done. Only the rings are missing.

Gavetta and politics

Shengelia has also had some difficult times in basketball: when she has not found space in Valencia, she has returned to the Belgian match to have minutes and opportunities to show off. In 2020, his move from Vitoria to CSKA sparked political controversy at home with the President of the Republic, Mrs. Salome Zurabishvili, who defined the choice of Shengelia, captain of the Georgia national team, to play in Russia, country with which Georgia has long been no longer on good terms and specifically for the Russian army team, splitting public opinion in two. Toko went straight and replied that it should not be justified by a matter of basketball and not politics, but two years later with the outbreak of war he was the first to leave CSKA as a show of solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Now that she has found a new dimension in Italy and a team full of great players, Shengelia has become the most difficult puzzle to solve for Milan in this final.

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