Amateur football, market movements are intensifying. Cuoiopelli asks for a second leg in Serie D.

Market, movements are beginning to intensify.

Series D

Weather in La Cascina will ask to resign to play Ponsacco next season. The headquarters of the Nerazzurri club will be moved from one furniture city to another with the approval of National Amateur League, doing so would initiate proceedings for a possible inauguration to replace Ponsacco himself who will participate in the Promotion Championship. Blur the step of Marco Masi at the head of Real Forte Querceta, waiting to meet the successor of Vitaliano Bonuccelli, the company formalizes the confirmations of Giacomo Vannoni at the head of the national junior under 19 and Nicola Contipelli as director of Scouting and technical director of the youth national. the most popular name for the first team bench is Simone Venturi ex Aglianese. He trusted the coach Massimo MaccaroneGhiviborgo in his eighth season in Serie D. The former Empoli player is living his first experience as a coach.


Franco Ciricosta new winner with the Volterrana of the play-off with Bibbienese in the next season that will train Pro Livorno Fonts. The excellent relations between this club and Livorno slow down the market, waiting for the outcome of the double challenge between amaranth and Pomezia. Fratres Perignano has formalized the arrival of the former defender of Tau Calcio Altopascio, Marco Niccolai, rumors speak of a marked interest in midfielder Nicola Cornacchia of Cuoiopelli. The latter company has reached an agreement to confirm the midfielder Tommaso Borselli, initiating internships for the request for a possible replay in the D series. The radio market speaks of an interest in striker Andolfi ex Fratres Perignano. Cenaia confirms all its valuable elements, after its best season since playing this championship: Alessandro Remedi, Giacomo Signorini, Elia Papini, Matteo Rossi, Matteo Caciagli and Alberto Serafini will remain on the court of Massimo Macelloni, Matteo Rossi, Matteo Caciagli and Alberto. Serafini, the company is very happy with the continuation of relations having made a considerable effort to maintain this framework. Midfielder Gambini, striker Fornaciari, defenders Fariello, Malara and Tammaro and striker Matteoli leave Cenaia. The goal is to reach an attacker and an outside midfielder.

The coach of the new coach Lorenzo Collacchioni tested the ground with the defense of Cuoiopelli Matteo Balduini. The reinforcement campaign is advancing Sant Miniato Basso which incorporated the midfielder into the board Francesco Malanchi ex Cascina and the confirmations in the same field area of ​​Matteo Nolè and Leonardo Tremolanti. Giallorossi sporting director Maurizio Geri is wanted a striker to support Chiaramonti. Former Fucecchiesi Taraj and Marcon will wear the Certaldo shirt next season. Andrea Lecceti returns to Fucecchio and will play in the role of central Stefano La Rosa, author of two goals that proved a key importance in terms of security near the closing signal with Armando Picchi and Cenaia. Tommaso Giometti’s 2002 class was also confirmed in the defense department. Midfielders Denis Zefi and Federico Cenci will play Fucecchio again. Although still young, the latter is becoming the standard of the bianconeri with more than a hundred participations in Excellence. Sporting director Edoardo Casati announced the promotions to the first team of the juniors of left-back Lotti and striker Masoni. both born in 2004 and the striker Falconi born in 2003. Juniors who will pass from the hands of Lorenzo Dell’Agnello to those of Mirko Giorgetti, in the last season first assistant of Gabriele Lazzerini with the arrival of the new sporting director David Del Carratore.


Start moving in the marketAsd San Miniato. Team and coach Stefano Valori has confirmed widely after an incredible season. The sports director Fabrizio Scali he placed the first shots with the arrival of the offensive midfielder Mirko Maccari of Sanromanese and Mattia Pacciani of the juniors of the San Miniato Basso cousinsthe main goal is to add high-profile boys to the squad.

Lorenzo Roventini is no longer the coach of Urbino Taccola, the company thanks the coach for the excellent work done promoting the coach of the Junior Elite to lead the Rossocrociati Roberto Taccola, will be replaced by Dario Ficini. Sports director Fabio Franchi will start talks with team members last season this week, the company’s policy is to keep a competitive team.

First Category

After 5 years, full of satisfaction, by mutual agreement, the roads are divided between coach Fabio Chetoni and Sanromanese. The company is working to identify the replacement, while striker Alessio Botrini is confirmed. New offices within the Forksthe amaranth association includes in its technical frameworks Maurizio Marchetti as sporting director with Paolo Tognarelli as new technical director. To untie the coach’s knot, there will still be Antonio Brontolone on the bench or the tandem between Marchetti and Antonio Intoccia will be reassembled after the pair started the season in Latignano? The latter company became part of San Frediano in a kind of corporate expansion in the development of the football school and the first team..

Tirrenia has appointed Massimo Luperini as its new coach. The Pisa coach is a newcomer to the category after leading the regional juniors of West Pisa and previously Cascina. Sports director Nicola Tortiello’s intention is to confirm the blockade that hit last year’s playoffs. The main goal is to replace the departure of central Stoppini forced to leave the team for study reasons, the Coasters are looking for a midfielder.

The ambitious San Giuliano Terme of the new coach Davide Frau follows the trail of central defender Nicola Bozzi of Atletico Etruria and those of the same field as Federico Di Cocco of Fornacette Casarosa.

Second Category

After spending nine seasons in First Category the huts will seek immediate return to the second, starting from a corporate expansion. Massimo Zingoni joins the technical staff, holding the position of sports director with Andrea Melai becoming general manager, the technical management of the team is entrusted to the former coach of the regional youth team San Miniato Basso Luca Brugnano. Among the first confirmations are goalkeeper Valerio Luschi, midfielders Emiliano Testaino and Mirko Piampiani and striker Francesco Bertini, striker Stefano Fogli will take other paths. Immediate ascent goal also for Bridge to Cappiano who defined the new technical frameworks. Coach Claudio Capioni leaves the bench and moves to the desk to become general managerMarco Del Buono confirms his position as sports director, Marco Benvenuti, former footballer of Callia, is the new masseur, the new coach is one of the deans among the coaches of Mauro Marchi.

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