Amateur football, euphoria Pontevecchio flying in excellence. Terni Est knocked out of the penalty spot //

by Stefano Bagliani

Pontevecchio celebrates and therefore returns to Excellence after a few seasons in the Promotion. The big jump misses the ambitious Terni Est who makes a great match but gives up the penalties. Despite the heat, the two teams did not spare, giving life to a real contest, both from a technical and competitive point of view.

The first turning point After a parade by Bracaj on Barboni’s soak (prepared by Vinciarelli), Pontevecchio’s advantage came in the 13th minute: Cejas’ foul on Barboni led Reali di Foligno to concede the foul. Matteo Trequattrini who with left-handed draws a super trajectory with the ball sliding in set.

Terni’s reaction Miglietta’s team feels the pinch, but then reacts and takes the chair thanks also to his former professionals who do very well. From here, in fact, the little Pontevecchio and a lot of Terni Est that proves it with Rosati (back up), with Donati (reworked in the corner) and again with Rosati (a little high). The first half ended with another chance for Ponteggiani, but Depretis did not take advantage of the good opportunity to find a partner in the center instead of trying to shoot.

The recovery Terni Est started well with Tozzi Borsoi finishing high, but Pontevecchio responded well, first with a shot from Barboni neutralized by Bracaj and then with the dangerous escape of Depretis solved by Cejas. At 25, in a foul from the middle of the field of Cossu, sensational empty exit of Rosi, ball outside but what emotion for the red ones … A minute later beautiful slalom of Rosati that, off-center by the left, puts later. But there was an idea to it – the misdirected ball was turned into a cross towards Tejzi Borsoi, who was waiting for it in the box. Cossu, a great control and a shot to the right on tip that diagonally touches the post.

Final emotions You change green by Miglietta who guesses the plays and at 41 Massarelli is dealt by Costantini who causes the penalty: Tozzi Borsoi goes to the place but Rosi is better than him and rejects the conclusion. The emotions are far from over because at 51 a conclusion of Cejas is deflected by Rosi on the edge of the post and the resulting corner, finished off by the usual Cejas, Tozzi Borsoi collects in the center of the area, works the balls and with a great right finds the unexpected 1-1.

Extra time Emotions do not end in these two extensions, although forces are beginning to decline on both sides. Tozzi Borsoi puts it two more times (10’pts and 12’pts) but the assistant points the offside in both cases. Then, at the end of the second overtime, the scaffolding Pero Nullo tries twice but without success with Bracaj careful to say no.

Let’s go to the penitentiary Too bad there is such an epilogue for two teams that deserve Excellence in tandem, but a winner is needed. And even from eleven meters the great balance is confirmed, so much so that it takes the seventh penalty to decide which of the two will go to Excellence: Rosi makes another feat and saves Pagliaroli’s penalty, a minute later Battistelli scores and throws the goal. Olympus Caldarelli’s team.

PONTEVECCHIO-TERNI EST: 7-6 dcr (1-1 dts)

PONTEVECCHIO: Rosi, Pericolini, Trequattrini, Ielpo, Costantini, Urbani, Vinciarelli (40 ‘Anselmi), Cecchini (32’ Battistelli), Depretis, Cipriani (1 ‘pts Piorico), Barboni (18’ Pero Nullo). Available: Genovese, Cesaroni, Checcaglini, Anselmi, Battistelli, Pierassa, Piorico, Timi, Pero Nullo. Ramats Caldarelli

TERNI EST: Bracaj, Molinari (36’s Pucci), Rosati, Cossu, Cejas (10’s Pagliaroli), Donnola, Gentileschi (25’s Antonelli), Gaggiotti (18’s Malerba), Tozzi Borsoi, Donati (36’s). st Massarelli), Dianda. Available: Paris, Scaramuccia, Costantini, Malerba, Pagliaroli, Martone, Pucci, Massarelli, Antonelli. Tot, Miglietta

Referee: Andrea Reali de Foligno (Giovanni Fiordi Gubbio-Marco Crostella Foligno)

Scorers: 14’pt Trequattrini (P), 52 ‘Tozzi Borsoi (T)

Note: 41 ‘Rosi saves Tozzi Borsoi from the penalty spot. At 97 ‘Gaggiotti (T) sent off. Anselmi expelled during penalties. Miglietta was also sent off.

Penalty shootout
T – Goal by Tozzi Borsoi
P – Goal Trequattini
T – Cossu’s goal
P – Depretis goal
T – Weasel goal
Q – But no goal
T – Rosati goals
P – Anselmi’s goal
T – Antonelli fora
P – Costantini stopped
Total penalties
T – Dianda’s goal
P – Goal of Ielpo
T – Pagliaroli stopped
P – Battistelli’s goal

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