Tuttoscuola at Fiera Didacta Italia between innovation, digital and the future: take part in our events. The complete program

Digital, innovation and the future. These are the three keywords that characterize the presence of Tuttoscuola at the Fiera Didacta Italia from 20 to 22 May 2022. A successful formula for more than 50 years in Germany, it is being organized again this year in Italy, at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence.
Tuttoscuola participates in the fair with several free training events and allowing you to meet our experts, come and visit us to the Spadolini Pavilion, attic floor, stand A57: You can also benefit from special discounts for our products.

Tuttoscuola also organizes three events in the large fencing room.

Recruitment, training and professional development

Last Friday, May 20th was discussed Recruitment, training and career with former education ministers, Lucia Azzolina and Valeria Fedeli, with Valentina Aprea and the general secretary of the CISL Scuola Ivana Barbacci. Read here what came up during the debate.

On Saturday, May 21, Don Milani arrives at Didacta

We talked last Saturday, May 21st of “Being teachers” with the Don Milani Foundation. A dialogue with direct witnesses of the teaching of Don Lorenzo Milani, representatives of the “Don Milani” foundation. When asked by Don Milani “how to do school”, he replied: “You’re asking me the wrong question. You don’t have to ask me how to do it, but how to be it: to make a great school you have to be a teacher who loves your students.“. At the meeting we will try to ask the right question to our interlocutors, that is, how to “be” to teach.
Don Milani then returned to Didacta through the representatives of the Don Milani Foundation and Tuttoscuola, which aims to place one of the leading figures in the contemporary educational world at the center of Italian pedagogical and didactic thought. We talked about the meaning of being a teacher and the idea of ​​”word” designed as the first teaching tool that the school must develop to equalize everyone. A moment of passionate reflection that allowed us to know even better the thought of the Florentine priest and teacher.

On Sunday, May 22, we will guide those who dream of becoming a school principal or technician

Sunday, May 22ndinstead, we will provide guidelines for those who want to become a school principal or technical director, presenting our new preparation courses for related competitions. They will talk among others Annamaria Ajello, Laura Donà and Ottavio Fattorini, scientific coordinator of the Tuttoscuola course “Managers tomorrow” which is getting an incredible follow-up of memberships.

To participate in the event, register by clicking here.

Events at the digital school

But this is not all. Meetings are scheduled at our booth (A57 above) on digital learning and services. With the teachers of the IC Ungaretti di Melzo, recognized as a school at the forefront of digital and in the really attractive school model, we will talk about how the programming of a video game can explain (well!) To classmates who do not they do. We speak Italian as the separate collection, then we will face a path between geometric figures to discover how innovative, fun and stimulating is hidden between one formula and another. And again: educational robotics, innovation, 3D printers and more. Possible scenarios for different thinking strategies and concrete examples of a school that touches the future.

The meetings with the nine members are also of great interest Dialogic Schools Network: “Speaking is learned. Thinking together, acting together to achieve the future we want ”. The focus is also on improving the cultural heritage in the classroom, with the event “Educating the beauty of the Italian school”. Speeches by USR Tuscany Director General Ernesto Pellecchia, Dr. Silvia Mascalchi of the Uffizi Museum, by Dra. Gabriele Guagni of the Teatro della Toscana Foundation, of the principals of schools Lucia Bacci and Emilia Minichini, and of Giuseppe Tavanti, coordinator of the Arts Plan of the USR Tuscany. Musical interludes by the students of the Giovanni Lice Giovanni da S. Giovanni and IC “Guglielmo Marconi” of San Giovanni Valdarno and of the IC “Francesco Petrarca” of Montevarchi.

Space also for the new secretarial course and the “revived” PEI. And more.

You can register for these events from the Didacta website,
do not risk running out of available seats.

Below is the full program of Tuttoscuola a Didacta events.

The Didactic Fair Italy is the most important fair dedicated to school innovation, aimed at teachers, school principals, educators, trainers, professionals and entrepreneurs in the school and technology sector. The Minister of Education will take part in the event, which will be attended again after two years. Patrizio Bianchi, and undersecretaries Barbara Floridia I Rossano Sasso.

I am more than 250 training events, which includes lectures, immersive workshops and seminars, designed on various topics, from science and humanities to technology, through the learning space. The absolute novelty of the 2022 edition is the creation of 6 departments, show teachers special and innovative school environments of the future. Among the new proposals of the field in Didacta 2022, the space dedicated toP.E and the educational value of sport in school (an important aspect in the developmental age for the complete training of the individual), that of vocational training schools, while a separate section will deal withgreen areawhere initiatives on eco-sustainability education will be organized in schools.

He Ministry of Education will be present with a space of more than five hundred square meters entirely dedicated to staff training and the history of what the MI is doing to support didactic innovation, teacher training and the new school that is being defined with the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).


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