Theater for children with disabilities: on the MÚSICA stage ALL barriers are canceled

He theater can you break down barriers between people? Can it lead them to face their own limitations and integrate with those of others in a path that is both growth and relationship? There scene may be a place of true freedom where do emotions flow and create bonds beyond individual differences?
Thursday, June 16 at 6:00 pm and 9:00 pmAuditorium of the Spazio Reale Foundation in Campi Bisenzio (via di San Donnino 4/6), thanks to the commitment of the Fundación Toscana Spettacolo (FTS), is staged ALL MUSICthe show starring the boys and girls who took part in the workshops held as part of the European project ACT-ABLE- theater education laboratory for young people with disabilities.

The ACT-ABLE project

MUSIC ALL is the theatrical show starring the boys and girls who took part in the workshops of the European project ACT-ABLE – theater education laboratory for young people with disabilities.

The workshop path, freewas activated from June 2021 with the aim of promoting educational inclusion through theatrical activities, thanks to the methodologies of physical comedy and visual theater in its quality of tools of personal empowerment and improving learning skills. The students who took part in the project were divided into two groups that met once a week for an hour and a half, on Mondays from 17.00 to 18.30 and on Tuesdays from 15.30 to 17.00 at the Spazio Reale Foundation in Campi Bisenzio. The workshops were conducted by theater educators with decades of experience Rescue clownswith the support of trainers who collaborate with the Spettacolo Tuscany Foundation.

“Children between the ages of 12 and 18 were intercepted through schools,” said Ilaria Turi, co-founder of Rescue clowns. “We were dealing with different types of disabilities and what we did was stimulate everyone’s creativityalso in relation to the others, and the show that will be staged is the result of improvisations that were born from their interactions in the workshops “

What was it like working with the limits of distancing and all that was needed to fight the pandemic?

“It was not easy, we can say that it was a kind of laboratory within a laboratory, in which the issue of reappropriation of society was absolutely the protagonist, although working with the mask, spaced, was very difficult : capacity. getting out of emotions was obviously limited, not to mention absences imposed by illness or quarantine. But in the end we got it. And so the experience of being in normal conditions in the staging will be a duplicate emotion ”.

Music Theater for people with disabilities
Theater workshops began in June 2021 with the aim of promoting educational inclusion through theatrical activities.

“A beautiful experience that he offered us happiness I a little lightness at a very difficult time, especially for our children “, explains Ilaria Ristori, mother of a 15-year-old girl with a motor disability. “A very welcoming project, open to any kind of difficulty you may have bring together very different guys and this is a very positive fact, because each of them has given their contribution to the show and in the end what comes out is beautiful: it seems almost impossible but it opens the heart to see them together manage to socialize, in their own way. “.

What results have you seen in your daughter?

“First of all, the great enthusiasm with which I have always seen him participate in courses. Also thanks to the teachers who have had infinite patience. Something that fills the heart. And his enthusiasm has infected us, so now we really want to see the show. Then it was very important to get out of the psychological bubble of isolation produced by covid, which was really necessary after two years of closure. This was a very important aspect, being able to socialize with their peers, but also with other adults who were not their own parents. And then also the activity, the theater is always exciting, being able to express oneself with one’s means is very beautiful. That is why I am very satisfied. Because having the opportunity and the stimulus to express their emotions gave them a breath of life at an extremely difficult time, especially for them. And then the relationship with others, seeing how even a boy or girl who cannot express himself in words can use other possibilities. It was very nice. Theater helps you not to be afraid of your emotions, it pushes you to express yourself “

What do Caterina and Ilaria bring to the end of this experience?

“The happiness of seeing how our project has come true, seeing how they have welcomed it and how they grew along the way,” says Caterina Turi.
“Yes, happiness. The smile, and also the lightness, at a time when we all need it so much “, Ilaria echoes.

Music Everything
Through theater, boys and girls with different types of disabilities were able to walk together on a path to learning and personal growth.

The whole MUSIC show

Two performances scheduled for Thursday, June 16at 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm, which will be given by the girls and boys of the two working groups led by the trainers of Rescue clowns.
To book and attend both show sessions, you can contact the Spazio Reale Foundation by writing to [email protected] or by calling 055 899131. Admission to the shows is free.

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