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COSENZA – LAexamination of voter lists carried out by the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the mafia phenomenon worried 57 town halls4 regional capitals (Genoa, L’Aquila, Catanzaro and Palermo) and 22 provincial capitals. In 14 regions.

The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the Mafia Phenomenon examined 19,782 names. Of these DIVUT were unpresentable, of which two from Calabria, two from Puglia, five from Lazio, one from Friuli, two from Campania, four from Sicily, one from Veneto and one from Emilia.

The names of the unpresentables: two candidates from Cosenza

Below are the names of the “unpresentables” to read from the shorthand of the session (in a few minutes): index.html

Regarding the elections of the City Council and the Mayor of Maritime Belvedere (CS)the candidacy of CARRI Carmelina, for the list “NITI PER BELVEDERE”, which supports the mayoral candidate Maria Rachele FILICETTI. As for the candidate, a decree has been issued ordering the ruling of the GUP of the Court of Cosenza on December 13, 2019, for the crime referred to in the articles. 110 cp. and 12 drafts of Law no. 356/92 (now 512 bis of the Penal Code) (fraudulent transfer of securities) with the next hearing set for July 14, 2022.

Regarding the elections of the City Council and the Mayor of Acre (CS)the candidacy of MAIORANO Luigi, for the list “PINO CAPALBO MAYOR”, which supports the candidate for mayor Pino CAPALBO. Against the candidate, on February 13, 2017, a decree of the GUP of the Court of Catanzaro was issued for the crime referred to in article 317 of the Penal Code (extortion) aggravated under art. 416 bis.1 cp. (aggravating the mafia) with the next view set for July 7, 2022.

Morra “we would have expected more collaboration”

Senator Nicola Morra, President of the Anti-Mafia Commission, thanked the Courts, Courts of Appeal and the Public Prosecutor’s Office for their extraordinary collaboration, especially praising the consultants and archivists of the commission to whom we are especially grateful for their work demonstrating self-esteem. absolutely laudable denial and sense of duty.

The number we have just indicated is the result of the checks carried out thanks to the requirements of the code of ethics that this Commission has given to voters. I would like to remind you – specifies the chairman of the anti-mafia parliamentary committee – that this code of self-regulation was voted on by the whole committee and is representative of all the parties that have written and voted for it “.

“Of course, we would have expected much more collaboration from the parties that,” Morra recalls, “did not facilitate these checks, as they could have sent the lists of candidates first and give us the time to carry out the checks in a reasonable time. We had to rely on the hard work of the judicial offices, which, although often poorly staffed, managed to get our names across with great difficulty. Subsequently, the National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor’s Office did another job in a very short time, finally leaving us with the burden of deepening and perfecting all the controls to offer the citizens the possibility to choose conscientiously ”.

“It is expected,” Morra said, “that for the next round of elections all parties make it easy for citizens to list without making their work “unpresentable.” in preventive checks of candidates “.

In this election round he has had the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the mafia phenomenon examined 19782 names, a record number of verified candidates, an increase of approximately 65% ​​over the previous election.

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