Taycan Sport Tourism

Taycan Sport Turismo: Is it the right car for those looking for performance, but without sacrificing the comfort and versatility of a car with great habitability? We tried to understand this in the presentation that Porsche organized on the Emerald Coast. On a road from Porto Cervo to Palau and back. VIDEO.

Taycan Sport Turismo, the family sports Porsche

Taycan Sport Turismo was introduced to us by Porsche men as the connection link. Among the road vocations of the version sedan and the versatility of daily use offered by Cross Turismo (including its habitability). As well as Cross Turismo, compared to the sedan, offers almost 1 cm. space for front passengers and well 4.5 cm. to the rear passengers. This, combined with the trunk capacity of 446 liters, makes it the car (hyper premium) perfect for the family. Although we must not forget that it is still a Porsche. Access on board, for example, is the classic of sports. Basically you fall into the surrounding seats. And when it comes to going down, it takes a little effort to “resurrect.” Too bad also for the central tunnel that it takes up a lot of space to the rear central passenger.

taycan sports tourismAn everyday car, but with 761 hp …

He declensions they are also available to the sisters sedan and Cross Turismo. You pass 300 kW (408 hp) and 345 Nm of torque from Sports tourism to the 560 kW (761 hp) and 1,050 Nm of torque from Turbo S Sport. Price of the attack a 91,230 euros. And, in my opinion, all the conditions for entering the market of potential buyers of Porsche. Those who go down of Panamera and they are, with these ingredients, in the ideal conditions for the transition to electricity. We’ve already taken care of it of this subject. The one of sports premium it is a very interesting sector for electricity. Where, in the potential clientele, there is often already the perfect combination of the ideal conditions to switch to electric vehicles. With the possibility of load at home (or at work) e daily trips often contained.

taycan sports tourismPorsche and its patented HPC network (but open to everyone).

Charging points are now available at 28 Porsche dealerships today ultra FAST from 300 kW of power. For Porsche customers, of course. But also open to external users. This adds to the possibility of using it Plug-in mode: the car recognizes the column, automatically authenticates, and starts charging, without application, cards or another. That he should do it premium also the experience of long-distance travel. A bit like today’s users Tesla and the network of Supercharger.

Taycan Sport Tourism
The Taycan Sport Turismo of the test with departure from Porto Cervo.

Taycan Sport Turismo: stuck on the road and easy to drive

Many cars today premium give the opportunity to multiple guide profiles, with interventions on power supply and suspension and steering response. But sometimes the differences are almost imperceptible. I drove there GTS version of Taycan Sport Turismo (perhaps the most balanced of all, with its 440 kW of power and its WLTP rank dthe 490 km). And I was amazed at how drastically the car changed depending on the selected driving profile. In mode Normal the car can be driven very relaxed. The suspensions they filter out irregularities very well from the road surface, never ceasing to convey the feeling of control to the driver. An arduous task, but executed with mastery. In mode Sport the car is very done reagent. The direction, already very precise, becomes sharp. And the 440 kW of power allow traction and driving dynamics impossible with any other electric that has ever driven. Impossible to put it in crisis, always stuck on the road and easy to drive. Even for those who, like me, are certainly not a pilot.

taycan Sport Tourism
Paolo with Taycan Sport Turismo test in Sardinia.

And autonomy? More than 400 km real

Of course, consumption, in the case of the Porsche customer, is certainly not one of the first elements analyzed. But, in an electric one, its value lies rather in the transposition to the voice autonomy. Well, what’s up? Our Taycan GTS Sport Turismo on the way to Porto Cerco to Palau and back, had one average consumption of 22.5 kWh / 100km. Despite the ending 30 degrees temperature and our cheerful guide. That translates into good more than 400 km of real autonomy under these conditions. The average speed of the route (which can also be seen in the video) is certainly very low. But keep in mind numerous stops. The car was driven on a route with limits of 50 and (less often) 90 km / h. Make the most of it (but never break traffic rules). We are confident that in the future we will be able to repeat the test with more time and on different and probably longer routes.

Conclusions – I tried to imagine the potential buyer of a car like the Taycan Sport Turismo. And I saw in the current Porsche thermal customer a candidate who is almost ideal today. It is probably always possible to install a wallbox for recharging at home and / or at work, with distances generally below the range of the car, and with the availability of a fast recharging network (for business travel) growing rapidly. And the appeal of a car that makes performance and elegance its main arguments.

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