Swimming, great tests for H2O Sport in Riccione

International meeting Italo Nicoletti. Angelilli sets the absolute regional record in 50 breaststroke and 200 combined

The Italo Nicoletti International Meeting in Riccione highlighted H2O Sport swimmers. First places, medals, finals, regional records and passes for the Italian championships. This and much more collected by the company of President Massimo Tucci on the trip to Romagna. The meeting was attended by 1,800 athletes from 90 clubs. These detail the results of athletes trained by Giorgio Petrella, Paolo Di Lullo and Michele Mucci.

In the cadet category the H2O Sport shows its asses Luca Angelilli I Martina Lonati. The first is the absolute protagonist in Riccione. He was second in the time of 50 breaststroke (29 ”50) which earned him a pass for the tricolors and also represents the new absolute distance record in the region. Silver medal for him also in the 200 breaststroke (2’24 “70) and in the 200 combined with 2’10” 59. Angelilli flexes his muscles and also in this race he sets the new absolute regional record. To complete a great day for the wearer of the white and red team, bronze in 100 breaststroke with 1’05 ”33 (time limit already established in Caserta) and sixth position in 50 style covered in 24” 02. There Lonati is queen of the 200 butterflies closed in 2’18 “65 (in the distance had already withdrawn the pass for the tricolors in Caserta), ranks second in the 100 butterfly, snatching the pass for the Italian championship in 1 ‘ 02. “68. The same position is obtained in the style 200 (2’06” 41). For her in Riccione there is also the fourth place in the 100 styles (58’93) and two seventh places in the 50 butterfly (29’35) and in the 800 styles (9’23”30).

In the male category Sofia Rossano brings home three bronzes: in the 50 backstroke (32 “12), in the 100 backstroke (1’08” 50) and in the 100 butterfly (1’06 “76). Then he completes the 200 pounds in 2’15” 40 finishing in seventh place and 200 backstroke in 2’32 ”40 (eighth). Sofia Silvarolififth in 200 breaststroke (2’45 “09, time limit for the Italian championships) and in 200 butterfly with a time of 1’08” 23. For her there is also a sixth place in the 100 breaststroke (1 ‘ 17 “35, unbeaten pass for the tricolors) and two seventh places in the 100 breaststroke (1’18” 35) and the 200 combined (2’32 “58). Sofia Cavina closes the 50 pounds with an incredible 27 ”83 which also represents the time limit to participate in the Italian championships, taking home in seventh place. At the same distance Eliana Giulia Ricciuti he recorded a lap time of 33 ”13 which earned him the final and sixth place. Applause also for Saracens which closes the 50 back with 33 ”92 in the top ten (tenth place). Sixth place for Alessia Angelicola in the 200 combined closed in 1’18 “35. The flagship of the white and red team also took the seventh position in the 100 (1’18” 35 time trial that earned him the pass for the Italian championship) and 200 (2’50 “42) breaststroke in addition to the ninth. in the butterfly 50 (30” 34). In the male field it stands out Jordan Cocowhich hits a great final with the ninth place in the 200 backstroke closed with the staff of 2’18 “99.

Among the juniors Sofia Mancini closes the 50 breaststroke at the foot of the podium with the 34 “58 template, playing the Italian pass for a few cents while an excellent Camilla Stinziani is fifth in the 200 combined with 2’28 “29” and ninth in the 400 combined with a time of 5’18 “80 with performances of absolute value. . Very good performance by the whole team with interesting chronometric performances and new personal memories for Jacopo Basile, Gabriele De Gregorio, Vincenzo Palladino, Francesco Stinziani, Antonio Tucci, Christian Irano, Cecilia Allegretti, Sabrina Antenucci, Alyssa Pia De Felice, Karola De Lena, Giorgia Gabrielli, Anna Gallo, Bendetta Scutti, Rossella Vizzarri, Christian Buciardini, Claudio Canulli, Antony Mascilongo, Antonio Pisaturo, Chiara Antenucci, Arianna Capria, Elena Carusi, Arianna Giuliano, Gaia Menna, Claudia Rossano, Federica Tindari, Asia Urbano, Matilde Varanelli, Sofia Ventrella, Samuele Di Gregorio, Emanuele Florio, Andrea Gabriele, Francesco Paolo Graziani, Giacomo Trofino.

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