Sunday, June 12, saint of the day, birthdays, horoscope

On June 12, the Church remembers St. Leo III, Pope. World Day Against Child Labor is celebrated. Famous births: Margherita Hack, Anna Frank, Gabriele Cirilli. The horoscope

Sunday, June 12, is the 163rd day of the Gregorian calendar, the 164th in leap years.

Theaphorisms today: “In Italy, the safest way to keep your job is to threaten your resignation. ” Roberto Gervaso (1937-2020), journalist and writer.

The Church remembers June 12th Saint Leo III, dad, father from 795 to 816; Sant’Onofrioanchorite; Sant Gaspar Luigi Bertonipriest and founder of the Priests of the Holy Stigmata of Our Lord Jesus Christ, known as the Stigmatini.

June 12: World Day Against Child Labor

June 12 is the World Day Against Child Labor. The date is driven by the UN, which publishes some data: “At the beginning of 2020, 1 in 10 children aged 5 and over was involved in child labor worldwide, equivalent to about 160 million children, is in to say 63 million girls and 97 million boys“. El theme of World Day Against Child Labor 2022 and the universal social protection to end child laboraction that requires greater investment and a global network of attention.

Birthdays and anniversaries

They were born on June 12: Anne Frankwriter, victim of Nazism (1929 -1945); Francesco Rengacomposer; Margherita Hackscientific and astrophysicist (1922-2013), Gabriele CirilliItalian comedian and actor.

From Nelson Mandela’s life sentence to the first meeting between an American president and a North Ocean leader, here are some of the major events that happened on June 12: 1849 – Lewis Phectic Haslett patents old mask; 1901 – Cuba becomes a US protectorate; 1964 – Nelson Mandelaleader of the African National Congress, is sentenced to life in prison in South Africa; 1967 – The Venerea 4 probe and the first analysis of aextraterrestrial atmosphere; 1987 – The President of the United States Ronald Reagan, on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the city of Berlin, in his speech to the Brandenburg Gate, invites the Secretary General of the CPSU Mikhail Gorbachev to break the Berlin Wall; 2018 – In Singapore, enter Kim Jong-Un I Donald Trump, first meeting of history between a North Korean leader and president of the United States.

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The June 12 horoscope

This is announced for the day of June 12 for the 12 signs of the zodiac according to the forecasts of And what will be the day with tomorrow’s horoscope


The passage of the Moon continues in the eighth Field, the passionate point of your sky; Mars, planet of sex and passion is attached to your sign. Bingo! The fascination with a forbidden relationship takes shape and position. Good news for singles is coming: in some cases, according to personal sky, they are upsetting the present. Very encouraging news from the family.


Indecision and sudden changes of opinion are the trap set by the Moon in Scorpio today. Keep in mind that it is absolutely useless to go through constant pushing and pulling, do and undo, change your mind all the time: if you have to deal with a situation, there is no need to postpone or postpone anything. Face the interested ones, speak clearly!


Commit, keep busy this Sunday; do the stars suggest it to you? Right Now ? still lined up enough by your side … Help around the house, fix unstable paperwork and torn reports. Dedicate more time and attention to your loved one. Good time to play a sport, both competitive and amateur.


Protected by the Moon, you are ready to break … the lines and launch into your favorite entertainment: something moves, circumstances give you a hand to realize what you have in your head. Along with personal success come benefits! If you are a constant couple, a cool wind blows away the gray clouds of the last days: the horizon is now clear, the air tense and bright.


On the cover the Moon, dissonant in Scorpio, penalized in turn by Venus, Saturn and Uranus. The day promises to be complicated, marred by fluctuating moods, but also by family tensions to resolve once and for all. You have a climate even in the love affair, especially if the relationship has been in crisis for a long time; leaves jealousy and suspicion at the door.


The beautiful position of the Moon gives you the opportunity to communicate clearly and honestly with all the people you care about. If there is someone special who has long wanted to understand, the day is right! Good time to change the couple’s assets: change habits, so breathe new air even in the happiest love affair.

Weight scale

You will have to face a small obstacle, but do not worry because you will be able to find the strength to overcome this tired moment. Be sympathetic to your partner and family members, and clarify a pending issue, perhaps a financial one. Starry night for singles: the stars do not rule out an encounter, a love at first sight or an approach.


Sunday not entirely calm, despite having the Moon at the sign; the oppositions of Venus and Uranus weigh like a rock, without ignoring the suffocating square with Saturn. Do not force situations, learn to be moderate, understanding and flexible; which is not impossible, if you will. Whatever happens in the relationship, remember that you love each other.


Until tomorrow you need to ‘be satisfied’, appreciate the simple things in life: what you have, loved ones, friends. Tranquility and emotions will allow you to recharge your batteries and properly plan the days of tomorrow and Tuesday, marked by the Moon in the sign. Do some physical movement to discharge excess energy. Stop in front of the mirror …


Practical sense and imagination combine very well. If you want creative expression, deal with piano, guitar, paintbrushes, clay or drawing … now that expressive abilities are at the top and practicality channels them without impoverishing them. Sweet and passionate requests will come from those you love: accept them without fear.


The day is a little hard in every way, starting with physical well-being. Some knots will reach a climax in your romantic relationship, some obstacles may arise in your path. Beware of those who talk too much and produce little: it could be an attempt to deceive you or deliberately confuse your ideas! Better to avoid taking positions and decisions.


Sponsored by the Trigoned Moon, you can bring many things to life on this day. Of course, you will have excellent energy, a remarkable imagination and the ability to communicate in depth with the people you like best. Your arguments will be appreciated by friends. Your charm, on the other hand, will be captured on the fly by someone other than your historical partner.

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