presented the Golden Spear dedicated to Thevenin, a masterpiece in carved wood. The challenge can begin – Corriere di Arezzo

The 141st edition of the Carousel of the Saracen Carousel was presented. An illuminated Sassoverde street dominated by the tree of life with four children of various nationalities standing out along the pole and the reproduction, carved on wood, of the drawings of the little guests of Casa Thevenin.

The Lancia d’Oro created for the 141st edition of the Giostra del Saracino by the master Francesco Conti is extraordinary from the sketch of the architect and rector of the Porta del Foro Roberto Felici, presented this morning at the City Hall. An amazing spear dedicated to Thevenin Institute in 2020 celebrated its 150th anniversary (the Lance of the June 2020 edition was dedicated to the Arezzo institution, later canceled due to a pandemic).

The greeting of the mayor Alessandro Ghinelli opened the traditional ceremony: “It is really a small masterpiece, the one that the master Francesco Conti created for the Golden Lance dedicated to Thevenin House, an obedient tribute to one of the institutes Roberto Felici’s evocative and suggestive design has come to an end and has resulted in a refined work whose artistic value can still be seen. most prized for its reference to the deep link between Thevenin and Arezzo, a combination that I am sure makes this Lancia especially coveted, for a Giostra that is finally being re-lived to its fullest. the city, the neighborhoods and the square “.

A spear whose construction was supported through the “Adopt a Spear” project. “When, together with the mayor, we thought of presenting partners to help us organize the event, there was an immediate response – explains the councilor delegated to the Giostra Paolo Bertini – for which I thank Nuova Comauto for helped to realize the trophy by ‘adopting’ the Lancia and I thank the three companies of the goldsmith sector of Arezzo, Chimet, Orchidea Preziosi and Chimera Gold, which supported the sponsorship of the grandstands of the Piazza Grande. And then thanks to the master Francesco Conti who, as usual, created an extraordinary work of art, here we are, from today the dances begin, tonight with the extraction of races and then from tomorrow we will reach the heart, finally returning to the carousel of races according to our tradition. Happy Just to everyone “.

The trophy, as already mentioned, was created thanks to the contribution of Nuova Comauto, a new Renault, Dacia and Alpine dealership in Arezzo for a few weeks, which decided to inaugurate its arrival in the city by joining to one of the main events in the area: “We are very happy with the collaboration that has been created with the Giostra del Saracino – says Gabriele Terreri, commercial director of Nuova Comauto. – We knew the emblem of the event but live It’s been two months since we were in Arezzo and from the beginning we had the idea to establish a collaboration with this event so important for the city. the municipal administration, which was collaborative from the outset: seeing how the banners of the four districts stand out in the 100% electric Renault Zoe we delivered gives us great satisfaction and, metaphorically, represents a meeting between the past and the future, between tradition and innovation, from me In early April we started this adventure in Arezzo with great enthusiasm and the response from the city was positive from the outset, this gives us great pleasure and obviously encourages us to improve every day in our work in a place as prestigious as Arezzo “.

The sketch from which Master Conti began to create the trophy is from the architect and rector of Porta del Foro, Roberto Felici, who in his report had described the project as follows: “The idea comes from the peculiarity of Thevenin Institute, a charity that has its roots in the history of the city and has always been aimed at children and mothers who are in situations of social difficulty.I have chosen to design a strictly didactic handle. That tells a story, a fairy tale to children, and is therefore immediately understandable and very easy to read, designed as if it were made with the buildings that children play with.I imagined a street, via Sassoverde, of night, in the dark, lit only by a few streetlights, which opens the door to Thevenin Institute where a powerful ray of light comes out, a light that becomes hope for the little ones and a reference for all over the city A beacon of solidarity in the darkness of life A cone of light that cuts off the night and in which the figure of a mother with two children rises who is preparing to enter the light, inside the door of the Institute “. “Master Conti – added Roberto Felici during the presentation of the trophy – was great, he greatly improved my initial idea, we managed in a rather complicated way to illuminate the Lancia in an innovative way to give that idea of light that it had and the result is extraordinary “.

“It is a great satisfaction to present this work dedicated to such an important subject for our city as Thevenin, and I must say that in my opinion it is one of the most beautiful spears made by me,” continues Master Carver Francesco Conti. I made the Tower in red to ideally support Roberto Felici’s sketch that the city had imagined at night, bringing the perspective elements of the sketch to the handle with a very particular result. Continuing with the auction I imagined the tree of life, four children of different nationalities and this idea of ​​cutting children’s drawings in relief at the auction, like sheets glued to a tree. So I asked the little guests of Thevenin House to freely create their drawings which I re-proposed in sculpture, giving an even more important symbolic value to the end result. “

Ritual comment also for the rectors of the four districts starting with Andrea Fazzuoli, rector of Porta Crucifera: “Thevenin is an institution of the city with which we collaborate a lot as a district and it would be an honor to have this Lancia at our headquarters.” Giacomo Magi, vice-rector of Porta Santo Spirito: “In the innocence of the children who made the drawings used by Master Conti, I saw a yellow-blue figure that I hope will bode well for our neighborhood.” Roberto Felici, rector of Porta del Foro: “It is a spear that perfectly and symbolically represents Thevenin Institute and we are ready to touch it.” Finally, Maurizio Carboni, rector of Porta Sant’Andrea: “Congratulations to Roberto Felici who designed the sketch and to Francesco Conti who transformed it into a beautiful spear, and obviously thanks to the sponsors who give their support because it deals with very important actions. for the Carousel and for the city “.

Luca Berti, historical consultant of the Giostra del Saracino then outlined the origins of the Thevenin Institute, the birth of which has its roots in the history of the city’s kindergartens established in 1849 with the creation of the “Committee of Charity “presided over by Francesco Aliotti and in charge, in the direction, of the religious congregation of the Daughters of Charity who in the following years offered their educational work also taking care of orphans in need of help. In 1870 Sister Gabriella Thevenin promoted, with the donation of all her property, the construction of the first orphanage in Arezzo which took its name after her death. The work found space first in Aliotti’s premises and then, from 1928, in Via Sassoverde, where it is still today. Casa Thevenin’s mission has changed over the years, staying true to the spirit of service expressed by its founder. The Institute no longer deals with orphans but seeks to respond to current needs by fostering mothers with children in difficulty and children in need of temporary educational support.

Finally, the greeting of Sandro Sarri, President of Casa Thevenin: “I want to sincerely thank those who have thought of this dedication, who created the sketch and who made this beautiful spear, but above all I sincerely and sincerely thank the Vincentian Sisters Daughters of Charity, including Sister Gabriella Thevenin, if we are here today, if there is this dedication, if 150 years have meant so many possibilities for many girls, many orphans, many mothers, many women in a situation of It is thanks to them that they endured their destiny alone until 2016. Thevenin House today is based on a completely secular staff as the declining number of nuns only care about the Aliotti Institute. but we try to carry out those principles and values ​​that have taught us. “
The Golden Spear will be officially handed over to the city this evening during the race draw ceremony scheduled for 9.30pm in Piazza della Libertà, at the end of which it will be taken to the Duomo and stored there until the Just.

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