Open day at the Termoli Golf Club, playing sports in contact with nature

Open day at the Termoli Golf Club

TERMOLI. The wind, which is still important on the coast, helped sweep some clouds and this made it easier to hold the open day of golf in the district of Pozzo Pisano, in Termoli.

A morning where several families, especially with children, decided to accept the invitation of the family Masciantonio and Ida, who approach the sport par excellence that represents respect for the rules in contact with nature.

An exuberant biodiversity, like that of the Sinarca valley.

Historic members, amateurs and those who want to get closer to the world of golf, united during a day at the driving range around which is born the course of the first three holes, which will give a new impetus to the structure, which has also seen duplicate available social spaces.

Of course, considerable and inevitable sacrifices to carry a flower, in fact a lawn on the top of the city of Termoli, may not be fully appreciated as it should be, but the fact is that for years it has represented that benchmark for the elderly golfers. and the new generation, hence the imprint of schools, to spread and sow passion among children.

The open day will continue with the master Giancarlo Mancini from 16 to 19.30.

As soon as the new three holes are ready, masterful seasons are announced with drives, iron and wood, with the path that surrounds the practice field and that adapts to the environment, between sand bunkers, 4, the bigger traps for whoever wants. to complete the track par 11 and even a small lake with as few strokes as possible.

In short, there will be something for everyone and those who take the opportunity to take advantage of the group classes that will begin after the Open Day, will have a perimeter in which to put themselves to the test. , also to stimulate their competition. level.

The course, which will be approved by the national FederGolf, will double the areas available to athletes, practitioners and those who want to get closer to golf, from 2.5 to 5 hectares, with the three holes divided into two par 4 and a par 3 ., always supported by historical members of the practice field and especially by the monitor of the club Giancarlo Mancini.

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