“My husband and I go out with other people on leave; there’s only one reason I’m jealous.”

Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey, a sex / intimacy coach and clinical psychologist, spends her days working with people and couples on her bedroom problems.

However, he also admits that he sometimes has some.

Despite having an open and happy relationship with her husband for more than 13 years, the polyamorous redhead admits that there are cases in which she becomes “jealous”.

However, this is not the reason you would expect it.

Dr. Lori, who recently starred in the relationship role in Channel 4’s Open House: The Great Sex Experiment, says she’s not jealous because her bisexual husband has sex with other couples.

She says she only gets jealous when he has fun and the weather issues make her unable to do the same.

Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey has been in an open and happy relationship with her husband for over 13 years.

Speaking of their open marriage, the expert, who comes from the United States but now lives in the United Kingdom, told the Daily Star exclusively: “Our relationship works because we have clear boundaries.

“We are not young either and we have been doing this for a long time.

“We don’t get jealous often because we’ve been together for 13.5 years.

“We have had time to feel comfortable knowing that one of us will not run away with someone else. It’s usually something that worries people.

“We also have confidence in ourselves. That’s another thing that use causes jealousy – if people are insecure.”

Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey wears a black shirt

She says she only gets jealous for one reason

He continued: “The envy of time, however, comes into play. When one of us is able to have more fun because the other is busy doing other things.

“I work hard, so if he’s able to go out and have fun and I’m not, I might be jealous, but not the other person per se.”

Dr. Lori admits that she regularly has about three rotating couples at a time, with whom she has emotional connections.

He admits he prefers to meet these people in person rather than online because of concerns about “cat fishing.”

“I’ve met people online, but I usually meet people in person,” he said.

Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey poses in a bold dress

Dr. Lori admits that she usually has about three rotating partners at a time

“I don’t look for fast sex, I like to take the time to meet people, so I usually meet people at events.

“I’ve tried to go online a bit, but I find it difficult because there is a lot of cat fishing.

“I don’t have time to go and find out if people are real or not.

“I got the appeal, but I haven’t started a decent online relationship yet.”

Giving her best advice to anyone who wants to try a non-monogamous relationship, Dr. Lori said it’s important to be clear about what you want, as there are so many different types.

He also said that you should make sure that your partner is clear about what he wants to avoid any confusion.

Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey at the open day of Channel 4: The Great Sex Experiment

Most recently, she starred in the Open House role of Channel 4: The Great Sex Experiment

Another tip was to be “ahead” of your wants and needs.

“Don’t wait six months to tell someone you want an open relationship,” he warned.

“Some people don’t do it because they don’t want to scare conscious people, but that often causes problems, because people are usually tied to that point and then find out that they’re not really compatible.”

He also said that you should be honest, get professional help soon and do not search the internet too much.

The expert added: “Take your time and be willing to try new things.

“Also, don’t try to have an open relationship when you’re in crisis – it won’t save your relationship.”

Dr. Lori admits that non-monogamy “is not a good way to live for everyone,” but says she doesn’t think monogamy is either.

“I’m passionate about people having a choice,” he said.

“For some people, including myself, non – monogamy offers a higher level of achievement.

“That’s because your needs are better met.”

He added: “Being attracted to more than one gender, being monogamous means I’m limiting a large part of my sexuality, as I’m limited to one person.”

Giving his final conclusion on the subject, he said: “People are usually happier if they choose something, instead of feeling that they have no choice.”

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