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Aryna Sabalenka and Ekaterina Alexandrova will play the final act of the Libema Open, WTA250 tournament on the grass fields of the Dutch city of s’Hertogenbosch. The Russian won the derby with compatriot Kudermetova in two sets. Partial victory in two also by the Belarusian who ruled the American Shelby Rogers by 7-6 6-0. It is curious that the final will be between two tennis players who will not be able to step on the fields of the most important turf tournament due to Wimbledon’s decision to exclude Russian and Belarusian players from the tournament.

[7] E. Alexandrova b. [6] V. Kudermetova 6-3 6-1

The first semifinal of the Libema Open is a game with little history with Ekaterina Alexandrova, No. 7 seed in the Dutch tournament, beating compatriot Veronika Kudermetova, No. 6 seed, for the first time in her career, and reaching the fourth WTA final, the first in 2022, on the surface he had never pushed so far.

Alexandrova starts best from the blocks immediately placing the break during the second game taking advantage of a right error by Kudermetova, one of the many committed by the Kazanina. Partial where the difference is the highest quality in the service of the number 30 in the world who has scored more than 80% of the points with the first. The only empty pass was the two break points awarded during the fifth game and immediately canceled by Alexandrova with an ace and a first winner. The No. 7 seed runs more and hurts the right, dominating the compatriot with ace (well 4) and winners (13 vs. 3 from Kudermetova).

Despite leaving the camp for the rest of the toilet, Kudermetova returns to the camp still shaken and still suffering from the service, immediately giving Alexandrova the opportunity to try to escape. The world number 24 needs a second that is not transcendental with Alexandrova thanking with a setback the body that sees Kudermetova hooked with the right.

The first signs of mental failure arise with the native of Kazan throwing the racket on the ground. However, there would also be an opportunity to return Kudermetova. Alexandrova plays a very bad and error-prone second game, conceding two break points to the younger compatriot. If in the first he still saves with a first winner, in the second he commits a double bloody foul which is equal to.

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The joy for Kudermetova did not last long. The world number 24 is still wrong the other way around, once he suffered more in the match, again offering Alexandrova the chance to escape. If in the first he saves with a short ball that leaves the service, in the second Alexandrova takes control of the field well, attacks with a reverse by the line and closes with a dropshot.

After the break, Alexandrova dominated the field while Kudermetova continued to make many mistakes. The accumulated nervousness in the match arises when in the Kudermetova exchange field he puts his hands on his face, wiping away the tears he can no longer contain. The young Russian seems to have already left the match completely when Alexandrova with the combination of service and straight marks the 20th winner of the match with her compatriot who remains motionless. Image of a match that gradually ends up in the jaws of a happy Alexandrova, heavier in service, who dominates a more lacking rival to the sound of winners, and where the first breaks made the difference. “more freedom and mental confidence“As Alexandrova herself stated at the end of the match.

[1] A. Sabalenka b. S. Rogers 7-6 (6) 6-0

First set that feels like a roller coaster the Belarusian who only follows her plan In the face of powerful blows and high risks, Rogers, for his part, is trying to express a more elegant game.trying to vary the shots, get out of the net and make Sabalenka run trying when he can get her in trouble with the service to get out. Sabalenka despite only 1 ace writes down several first winners who pull the chestnuts out of the fire at resting points.

Rogers, who had to be helped off the pitch as an injury meant he was unable to finish the game. Inertia begins to reward Rogers, but when he calls to close the partial, he misses a lot. The Belarusian takes the challenge in the tie-break, wasting 5-3 to the point of having to face a set piece, but from there she plays three points worthy of the former world number 2 and closes the first set.

Rogers lamented the untapped opportunity to play a very bad first game that was immediately worth the break in Sabalenka. The match seems to have now taken the path of the Minsk tennis player who, at the end of two 12-point matches, rises 3-0, also canceling out two break points. Result that easily becomes 6-0 with a partial 12 points to 4 in favor of the Belarusian.

Sabalenka who will close the match with 22 winners and 16 pounds. Rogers is defeated with a sense of missed opportunity with only 2 break points converted from 8, despite the rather positive balance (19 winners and 8 pounds). Sunday will be the Belarusian’s No. 17 final, the second on the turf after losing in 2018 at Eastborne to Denmark’s Wozniacki.

Complete tournament draw

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