Kaguya-sama: Love is 3×10 war

With the eighth and ninth installment of Kaguya-sama: Love is War – Ultra Romantic we have officially entered the narrative arc of the cultural festival after a few weeks of preparation.
If, in fact, in the past episodes we have been able to see the progress and evolution of romantic relationships, from now on we will see their maturation and results.

If in recent episodes we reconfirmed how it was a well-established habit for Kaguya-sama: Love is War – Ultra Romantic repeating the order of the chapters to make them more like the means of animation, in this episode we return to a more classic style of narration. The adapted chapters, in fact, are the 125the 126 and the 127with the title respectively Kozue Makihara wants to play, Chika Fujiwara wants to clear the record I the Miyuki Shirogane Cultural Festival.

The focus, as in the last episode, stays fixed on the main characters, or the members of the student council. The stories of the supporting characters, however, are not ignored and, on the contrary, they are beginning to take shape from the beginning of this narrative arc.

The house of horrors

In the last episode of Kaguya-sama: Love is War – Ultra Romantic we saw Yuu Ishigami gather all his courage to invite Koyasu Tsubame to take a tour of the cultural festival, taking advantage of the girl’s passion for terror by proposing to visit her class project, the house of horrors.
The two of them, however, are not the only guys we know who have an interest in the project. Kashiwagi and Nagisa, in fact, force the Maki to accompany them and the latter, terrified at the idea of ​​entering the haunted path, in turn forces Kaguya to turn his back.

The four are about to enter the house and are soon urged by the Osaragi to lock themselves in a closet, blindfolded and with headphones.
As we saw in a flashback, the schedule of the firstborn class was too slow and under the advice of Ishigami they chose to cut part of the way and implement in the project a 3D audio experience based on biennial sounds. .

With the treasurer’s proposal approved, class members realize that the equipment to develop this initiative would be too expensive and potentially unavailable. The only way to continue on this path is to tie poor Miko to a chair and force her to act as a guinea pig.precisely with his eyes closed and his headphones to his ears.
The member of the disciplinary commission is therefore obliged to endure all the sensory torture to which his colleagues are subjected; only the arrival of his idolized senpai Fujiwara helps him endure the process to the end.

At the same time, in a continuous succession of flashbacks / flash-forwards, we see the traumatic experience of Maki and Kaguya who are too cowardly to endure all those terrifying sensory perceptions and are forced to force each other..
The torture for the two children of the Shinomiya family is finally over, we see, on the contrary, the couple in love Nagisa-Kashiwagi trying to kiss in the closet after completely ignoring the fact that they are inside ‘a house of horrors.

Once the quartet’s journey is over, it’s up to Ishigami and Tsubame to enter the haunted mansion. The treasurer hoped that, out of fear, he would be able to get even closer to his beloved both emotionally and physically.
Unfortunately for him, as soon as it’s their turn, they separate from Miko thatas a member of the public morality committee, vetoed the same queue for members of the opposite sexbreaking eggs in the poor treasurer’s basket.

The charm of Miyuki Shirogane and the jealousy of Kaguya Shinomiya

The central part of this tenth episode of Kaguya-sama: Love is War – Ultra Romantic It begins with Secretary Fujiwara introducing her younger sister Moeha, who is also vice president of the high school board, to the student council classroom.
After looking around for a while, Chika’s little sister sits in the chair where we usually find President Miyuki Shirogane. revealing to her older sister that she is in love with him.
Moeha, on the other hand, is one of the best friends of Kei, the president’s little sister, and she had a chance to admire him when she showed up at the high school student festival, being delighted..

Chika, aware of all the sacrifices made to make Miyuki a less inept person, tries to dissuade her little sister from listing a number of flaws that, however, the boy has been able to improve thanks to her help over the past few months.
Suddenly, even Shirogane himself enters the classroom, to which Moeha presents himself in a very timid and reverential manner. Chika grabs the ball to throw water at her mill and tries to test the president by urging him to do a juggling show..
Paradoxically, Miyuki turns out to be very good at spinning objects, further increasing the admiration that little Fujiwara feels for him.

Kaguya-sama_ Love is war

Defeated on all fronts, Chika forcibly accompanies Shirogane out of the student council classroom, leaving Moeha alone inside.
The girl, even more bewitched by the president, has noticed, however, in the loneliness that she has forgotten to give her her own heart-shaped pendant. As we’ve seen in previous episodes, this pendant would have the “power” to unite the people who exchange it forever.

Just as Miyuki had sneaked in this time, she enters Kaguya, who has heard Moeha’s thoughts aloud and is ready to crush her as a possible obstacle in the love affair between her and the president.
In a veiled way, the descendant of the Shinomiya house in turn tries to dissuade the girl, alleging that she is too young to think about love affairs and that she is not mature enough. (especially psychologically) to aspire to a person like Shirogane.

After asking Moeha what she liked so much about the president, however, Kaguya’s iron mask sinks to the ground when she realizes that the aspects listed by Chika’s sister are exactly the same as she adores Miyuki’s.
For the first time in her life, Kaguya experiences the joy of talking openly about her falling in love with another person who understands her..

Ishigami takes his place

The final part of this tenth episode of Kaguya-sama: Love is War – Ultra Romantic begins by returning the focus to Ishigami and Tsubame. The boy, disappointed at not being able to get close to his beloved during the house of horrors, has already given up the idea of ​​having to go back to work with his tail between his legs.
The third-year diva, however, returns the treasurer’s favor and invites him to take a tour of her class, where it looks like a traditional playroom has been set up.

Tsubame is surprised to see the presence of heart-shaped cookies that class members made a bit by accident and placed accordingly as one of the possible shooting prizes.
As we are repeatedly reminded, each heart-shaped object has a “special power” when used during the Shuuchin cultural festival. and in fact Tsubame herself claims that the girl who gets it will be very lucky.
Hearing the girl’s interest in this cookie, Ishigami doesn’t think twice and immediately hits the target.

Without thinking twice, Ishigami collects the giant heart-shaped cookie as a prize and immediately gives it to Tsubame.. He, however, is one of the few individuals who did not know the legend of heart-shaped objects and picked up the cookie simply because it seemed, for no apparent reason, that the girl cared..
In the eyes of everyone else in the classroom, though, that was it a full-blown declaration of love and also in public, an act that in Japanese culture is almost inconceivable because finding the courage to confess is already a difficult task in a more isolated situation, and less in front of dozens and dozens of people.

The third-year diva, despite being well aware of having a very particular charm (she also gives her the title, in fact, of diva), remains in turn ashamed of Ishigami’s gesture in front of so many people.
Tsubame then accepts the cookie, claiming to be very happy with it, but immediately disappears from the classroom asking the treasurer to think about it for a while..

Miyuki and Chika were able to see the scene of Ishigami’s involuntary confession, but the end result worries the president.
On the other hand, if the treasurer’s confession ended in vain, a climate of tension would be created that would also harm his chances of confessing to Kaguya.or the eventualities in which Shinomiya herself does so against him.
Consequently, Shirogane has an absolute concern to ensure that the relationship between Ishigami and Tsubame takes place in order to safeguard their own chances of success with Kaguya.

As Fujiwara argues, however, Ishigami has no chance of success with a 2 year old senpai and who is also considered one of the 4 most beautiful girls in the whole school; it is only out of reach.
After making a list of the negative and positive sides of the treasurer, to make a rough estimate of his chances with Tsubame, the president and secretary can only agree that the only light at the end of the tunnel is that the diva of the third year scores Ishigami based on its positive rather than negative aspects.

With Miyuki secretly behind a column in the hallway, she trusts Ishigami’s confession, arguing that if he collapsed, they would both collapse. the sunset falls on the first day of the cultural festival in a bittersweet way.

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