is an agreement in Matic

ROME- There Rome deals with Dries Mertens. It does not mean that he is taking it, but it is the indication of a strategic reflection: Mourinho I would love to have a player expert, even if they grow, for each role. It’s at the door Rui Patricio, in defense Petitehe will arrive in the middle of the field Maticin attack may be the right man Mertens that it did not reach an agreement to renew the contract with Naples. Not necessary to forgetIn addition, last year Roma started the season with three central strikers, because that’s what Mourinho wanted. Today two of them remain on the roster, to be sure Abraham and the unknown Xomurodovwith the young Felix at the start: he can go to Salernitana where his discoverer, Morgan De Sanctis, has just taken over as sports director.

Contact Mertens-Rome

Mertens, born in 87, has the quality and experience to complete the assault team. And it was his staff who sent messages satisfaction a Trigoria, receiving a good reception. But now we have to agree digits: to the Naples, Mertens asked for a 2.4 million year contract plus bonuses plus 1.6 million signage bonus, plus € 800,000 to pass to agents. The Belgian firm Stirr Associates, based in Keerbergen, looks after the footballer’s interests. Naples at these levels does not intend to approach the Rome neither. May Friedkinsupported by Mourinho, would propose a different contract, in the Matic model, therefore with the formula 1 + 1 linked to the number of attendees, about 2 million more bonuses, with commissions contained within 10 percent of the agreement according to the policy of the company. Now it’s up to Mertens to decide whether to lower the demands and perhaps head to the “headquarters” Naples or if a more attractive offer is expected, also from Valencia, where Rino Gattuso it would take a lot I would love that.

Mertens, a wildcard for Rome

For sure Mertensseen several times in Rome en holidays, still feels like an important player. And he will also choose the destination according to the technical perspectives: with Mourinho he would not start as a starter but would have the possibility to occupy all the roles of the attack, especially in case of a 4-2-3-1 turn. It would be a support prized for Rome, under certain economic conditions.

The market of Rome

So is it Matic, who will arrive in Italy in the coming days for medical examinations and signing, and somehow the young Svilar, the new second goalkeeper. All released that can enrich the potential of the team. Meanwhile the Rome is preparing to close the right wing Celik: negotiations with Lille have been closed for a few weeks now and the bonuses could be closed at 8 million plus. The player has already been promised a major five-year contract. The same proposal that the Norwegian Solbakken accepted two months ago. But the tension with Bodø / Glimt, the legacy of the famous locker room fight, complicates the negotiations: that the contract expires on December 31, Solbakken he could even land in Serie A with a free transfer in January. And so would be another freedman hired by the Friedkins. The Turkish Akgun also likes on paper, reports Vincenzo Montella. but the perplexity is normative: after Celik, the second Turk would block the possible purchase of other non-EU citizens. In the background are the Portuguese Guedes, which is very expensive, and the Serbian Kostic, close to Juventus, not to mention Berardi who is possibly linked to the future of Zaniolo. But the real blow to the market will involve the midfielder who will have to replace Mkhitaryan: in this sense we must wait to understand who the real goal is. Beyond Frattesiso Rome is in the window waiting for Sassuolo’s election.

Mourinho's new Roma for next season

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Mourinho’s new Roma for next season

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