Frosinone, Administrative, the closing of the election campaign

It is the emotional element that characterizes everyone closing of election campaigns. It was the same last night, with the mayoral candidates focusing on the motivational aspect. Because every extra vote is important and nothing can be taken for granted. The next will be the twenty-second mayor of Frosinone since the war. There have been direct elections since 1995. Between the center-right and the center-left the result so far is of perfect equality. Three hits for center-right (Paolo Fanelli and twice Nicola Ottaviani), three for center-left (twice Domenico Marzi and then Michele Marini). Voting was necessary four times, which was always won by those who had passed the lead by half a point: Fanelli, twice Marzi, Ottaviani. On two occasions the match ended in the first round: Michele Marini in 2007, Nicola Ottaviani in 2017. Ottaviani’s long term as mayor ends after two terms. The center-right will try to hit the trio, as will the center-left, which ruled from 1998 to 2012. Last night, however, many handshakes, crowds and a desire to galvanize. Even in the notes of the soundtracks that have been chosen for the acts.

The exception of Cosimato
Giuseppe Cosimato, the mayoral candidate with the civic list that bears his name, did not organize any closing ceremony in the square. Explaining: “Honestly, I didn’t think the rallies had the same turnout as in previous years. I preferred to continue with door-to-door and directed events. But what did you focus on in this election campaign? Cosimato pointed out: “I focused on the fact that Frosinone, the capital (let’s never forget), must return to the center of the political debate, it cannot and should not be a functional battlefield in personal and party logic. . Frosinone is not represented both nationally and regionally and it is not that we have not noticed.

Loss of the military airport “Moscardini”, loss of the second level Goddess (the ads continue but we do not see the results), cut of large infrastructure, loss of entrepreneurship and jobs. I keep repeating (but because I am convinced) that only we represent the real novelty and the potential turning point of this city. We have witnessed an election campaign that others have done with a view to the recent past but also to the distant past. We, on the other hand, have decided to stay focused exclusively on the present. I repeat: it is essential to create the right synergies to take the lead in the province. Frosinone has to strive for that. We all have programs, but the difference is made by applying them specifically. Computerization and digitalisation must be an imperative if we really want to aspire to become a rational city, connected to respond to the needs of the citizens and the entrepreneurial and commercial activities present in the municipality ”.

The Vicano line
Mauro Vicano closed the election campaign in Piazzale Sisto Paniccia (via Aldo Moro). He is a candidate for mayor with the support of Action and two civic lists. Vicano explained: “It was a very intense and demanding election campaign but also loyal and participatory. In recent weeks we have faced the citizens of Frosinone who have found themselves tired of having to live in a messy, chaotic city without proper cleaning and decor and in which for too many years the big problems are unresolved. Citizens who valued our programmatic proposals, recognized as being able to relaunch Frosinone and guarantee it this role of true capital and that size of European city that it urgently needs. On Sunday (editor’s note: tomorrow for the reader) the citizens of Frosinone will have the opportunity to make a real change in their city. Personally, I have already shown that I know how to manage well.

Therefore, I am sure that we will go to the polls and then we will be able to raise the fortune of our city thanks to concrete and achievable programs. Frosinone should be treated from all points of view. Over the years, important works have also been carried out by the various administrations that have governed the city, but as a whole Frosinone has never lost that general image of disorder and disorganization that it has and continues to have and that is not appropriate to its role as capital and its ambitions that must project it towards a European city dimension, which will finally be possible with our programs ”.

The horizon of Jacob
Vincenzo Iacovissi is the youngest of the mayoral candidates. Throughout the election campaign he also spoke of the need for a generational change. Last night the election campaign closed in Dante Schietroma Square, in Via Aldo Moro, a symbolic place for the Socialists. Iacovissi is the party’s national deputy secretary and candidate for mayor of the New Center Left. Iacovissi stated: “There is a big generational issue both in the city and abroad. In Frosinone there are about 17,000 young people under the age of 40, more than a third of the total population, but it is difficult to notice this presence. One of the aims of my candidacy is precisely to address these thousands of girls and boys by launching a challenge to renew methods and people in local politics, because a capital cannot live “as we were” but must think “as we will be ”. “in order to slow down the flight of young people and give them, instead, a future perspective in their own city.

The great capital, or intermunicipal city, is the only horizon to give the environment of Frosinone a larger and wider dimension, able to become recognizable in the most relevant institutional contexts and get out of that marginal condition in the which unfortunately we are surrounded by. . Through the intermunicipal city we will be able to develop an aggregation of 150,000 inhabitants, agglutinating the management of the most important services and reducing costs for the citizens ”.

Marzi’s determination
Domenico Marzi, the center-left mayoral candidate, met with voters and citizens in Piazzale Falcone and Borsellino, in front of the Villa Comunale, a symbol of his two terms as mayor. The entire staff of the Campo Largo coalition that supports him welcomed him. Francesco De Angelis, leader of the Democratic Party, said: The political signature and the administrative office of Marzi, which is why it is important to lead the city again, it is not possible for a capital to lose more than two thousand inhabitants in ten years, it is a clear sign that everyone wants to leave Frosinone. it has a different project, a city that leaves no one behind and that has a European touch.

Domenico Marzi argued: “I am more and more convinced that if the game can end in the first round, we will win it. If, on the other hand, we get to the polls, in the next fortnight we will have even more opportunities to make the citizens appreciate the goodness of our proposals. The center-right is nervous because it has realized that the challenge is wide open. The perspective we have is completely different: just with the logic of one man at the helm, we need to look to the future and do better than we have done so far. It is time for a team united with the Frosinone government to take the necessary step so that the city has a clear idea of ​​the future. The center-right has ruled for ten years and has only blamed us for the failure of the inclined elevator or another. It’s something that speaks for itself. “

Mastrangeli’s security
Riccardo Mastrangeli, the center-right candidate for mayor, closed the election campaign in Piazzale Kambo, in front of the train station. As Nicola Ottaviani did in both 2012 and 2017, the redevelopment of the area will be one of the most important works of the next city council. Representatives of the seven lists that support Mastrangeli took to the stage again. Of course there was Nicola Ottaviani, for the last endorsement. Riccardo Mastrangeli went through ten years of “center-right administration that changed the face of the capital.” He explained: “The works speak for us: the new stadium, the Parc del Matusa. But I also think of the headquarters of the Academy of Fine Arts in the Palazzo Tiravanti.

And of course at the municipal headquarters of Palazzo Munari. Not to mention a “flagship” project like Solidiamo and all the initiatives we have launched from all points of view. All this putting the accounts in order, because we had to face an inherited deficit of 50 million euros. I don’t like controversy, I’m used to always looking forward. I am just saying that the citizens of Frosinone have been able to check that it is possible to schedule, design and then complete the works. I don’t care if we can win the first round or the vote. It is important for all of us to continue managing capital, with the added value of administrative continuity that cannot fail to make a difference. And what others say they want to do, we’ve already done. And we intend to continue. “

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