Football: Final event Palermo-Padua, with television animations around the world – Sicily

Tomorrow the promotion to B: sold out and live on Rai Italia

(ANSA) – PALERM, JUNE 11 – There is a lot of anticipation for the return leg of the Serie C playoffs which tomorrow evening at 9.15 pm at the “Barbera” stadium will yield the last useful place for the promotion to B between Palermo and Padua. The stadium in Palermo is already starting to run out for the fourth consecutive time.
The last two thousand tickets have been put on sale today, through the Vivaticket circuit, but only in official resales and online. The stadium’s point of sale, after the crowds with the intervention of the police on Wednesday and the control of the financial police on Thursday, remained closed. In working-class neighborhoods, flags have reappeared not only on balconies, but also across the streets in a sort of large pavese rosary. And the Palermitans organized in the Curva Nord 12, twinned with the Paduan, have called tonight at 20.45 in the stadium after the end of the team to sleep with our hearts and our battle cries and that they will accompany them tonight and take them to the day of the final ”.
Enthusiasm is also on in Padua from where about 500 will come out to watch tomorrow night’s final, as the Lega Pro has called it, celebrating not only the unprecedented live broadcast on Rai Due, as well as Sky and Eleven Sports , but also worldwide broadcast via Rai Italia. “There is a lot of anticipation for this match,” said Lega Pro president Francesco Ghirelli. Italy: the world “. Silvio Baldini’s Palermo try to maintain the routine, serenity and normalcy that together they have been gaining arms so far, including the wedding of striker Matteo Brunori held yesterday in the Marches, while Massimo Oddo’s Padua uses the conditions of the ’embarkation to show that he turned the 1-0 in favor of the rosanero in the first leg. “We have worked as usual and we have said the same things,” said Baldini. “The fans are happy, knowing that this time the game is over, if all goes well, we can all rejoice. The team is focused and knows what to do. Speaking of the marriage of Brunori, a striker from Rosanero who was granted a lightning ‘license’ for the wedding, held yesterday in Urbino, Baldini stressed that “it was right for him to do so – those were his words – it was a deadline … we are happy that he is gone, he is with us today, he will train and play with more confidence, serenity and joy Are we happy to be one, we don’t get results without serenity and happiness, we don’t behave like big clubs just by avoiding a wedding. go to the Town Hall, they had lunch together with the guests and he came back thanks to the letter made available to them. They want to make us look incompetent and put pressure on us, but they don’t know how much. . “We know we are going to a difficult field,” said Massimo Oddo. “But we are convinced that we will get a result. We can play a great game and turn the result around. ” (MANAGE).