Family Day, Vatican employees united by sport and solidarity

Sunday 12 June is Family Day promoted by Asd Sport at the Vatican at the Cavalieri di Colombo Sports Center. The event is linked to a fundraiser for the completion of the newly inaugurated Palliative Care Center for the Child Jesus. Avallone (Bambino Gesù Foundation): family solidarity is a key support for young hospital patients

Marco Guerra – Vatican City

A day of sport, solidarity and families dedicated to the children cared for in the new Palliative Care Center of the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital – Bambino Gesù Foundation. All this will take place as part of the Family Day, organized by ASD Sport at the Vatican on Sunday 12 June, from 4 pm at the Cavalieri di Colombo Sports Center – Campo Pio XI in Rome.

Sport to unite families

The event, which is repeated at the end of each competitive season, has as its common denominator the family, being together, sharing, but above all solidarity. This year the initiative takes advantage of the participation of Torrino Calcio and the Football Representative of the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital, who, together with ASD Sport in the Vatican, will give life to the Triangolare di Calcio “We take care of you” for fundraising for to support the Palliative Care Center of the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital.

The program of the day

The program includes the reception and presentation of the event at 4 p.m. At 5 pm Mass celebrated by Cardinal Mauro Gambetti, Pope’s Vicar General for the State of Vatican City. At 18, start of the triangular “We take care of you”. There will also be a women’s soccer match between the ASD Sports Representatives at the Vatican and the Baby Jesus, and there will also be a children’s play area. Finally, at around 8 pm, at the end of the matches, the awards ceremony will take place, not only for the tournament but for all the competitive activities of ASD Sport in the Vatican that will be held this year. Specifically, the awards ceremony for the winning team of the Vatican Championship and the Vatican Cup, followed by the promotion of fundraising for the Palliative Care Center.

The representative of the Child Jesus

The triangular football club compares and in synergy three realities very attentive to moral and social values, with ambitious goals in the social field. The Representative of the OPBG is a community made up of all the professional figures who work in the Child Jesus, the teams, both male and female, are born by the will of those who, every day, are dedicated with love and sacrifice to care of children. . All the people who share, in addition to working, also a passion for football. “Taking the field helping each other to seek victory can be compared to working in the hospital – reads the press release of the event – where there is also a team that interacts and fights with a single goal : the health of small patients ”.

Endorsement: grateful to the donors

The Vatican News Professor Francesco Avallone, general secretary of the Bambino Gesù Foundation, explains that the funds raised will be used to complete the works of the Palidoro Palliative Care Center, inaugurated last March: “So far we have paid 70% of the expenses and we need to expand the beds, improve parking and create access to the sea. We hope that by mid-2023 all the works will be delivered. “Avallone stresses the importance of this structure, the only one of its kind in central-southern Italy, which welcomes children who” cannot be cured but can be cured. The whole family is cared for at the center to relieve the physical and psychological fatigue of the patients’ parents and siblings.

Listen to the interview with Francesco Avallone

Families helping other families

The Festa de les Famílies therefore becomes the ideal setting to reach other families who are suffering. “Solidarity is very important and it should be noted that families are always mobilized when they know these serious situations of difficulty – says the director of the Bambino Gesù Foundation – from large and small donations to the time offered to keep the brothers company . of the sick children who have to be followed by their parents, we also try to regain a little serenity in the couple with all kinds of help and if everything is combined with the culture of sport it brings even more joy and life ”. Avallone is then grateful to the many sports clubs in Lazio who have helped finance, with events and initiatives, the construction of the Palliative Care Center.

Ruggiero (Asd Sport at the Vatican): We cultivate a spirit of brotherhood

Domenico Ruggieropresident of TEA Sport at the Vatican, for his part, recalls that the football team of Vatican employees was born fifty years ago precisely with the aim of bringing workers and their families closer through sport: “At the end of each competitive season , we always celebrate this holiday with a history of beneficial initiatives. ” “This year – continues Ruggiero – we wanted to help the Child Jesus, which is an administration linked to the Holy See and which with its representatives has always participated in our initiatives.” The families of the employees therefore take part in the activities promoted by Asd Sport in the Vatican: “Often the activism of the parents is carried out by the children who are part of the different male and female representatives, we also go around Europe contributing our spirit. of brotherhood on all football fields ”.

Listen to the interview with Domenico Ruggiero

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