1544 AD, Cariati between myth and history.

On June 4, a wonderful and evocative historical recreation was held in the splendor around Cariati, centered on the assault of the Turks that took place in 1544, organized by the newly formed Karis association whose purpose is to improvement and promotion of the territory. The town has made a leap in time thanks to the leadership formed by President Adriano Ascione, Vice President Ing. Domenico Liguori, Dra. Laura Curia, Dra. Rossella Marino and the vocalists Maria Curia, Domenico Primocerio, Vanessa Primocerio, Dott. Francesco Caruso and Francesca Brunetti who with so much stubbornness and determination, in their free time from work activities, managed to create a grand and evocative show with the intention of proposing it again as an annual fixed appointment in our house. The event also had the great support of Cariati City Council and Mayor Filomena Greco who believed in this project and the organization, with the support of the contact person of the Historic Center Aldo Fortino. The historical recreation was also the perfect opportunity to network and collaborate between associations, which welcomed the event with great enthusiasm. These include TerraVerde, Jonio Wild, Project SAI Comune di Cariati – Coop. Agora Kroton, Coordination of Women, Civil Protection and the Brazilian Community of Cariati by Karuh Ferreira, whose collaboration has sent a beautiful message of social integration and hospitality. Great artists were present in the evening, from the waves of the city of Catanzaro, to the actors of Maros by Maria Rosaria Bianco, through the sculptor Pasquale Santoro, through the master Maria Vyazigina on the harp, through the painter Enzo Labonia , passing by the master Vincenzo Pirillo with his woven baskets, to the dancers of the Souldance dance school of Mariapia Marchese, to Cataldo Perri and the Schintetto who concluded the evening magnificently. The event was supported by all the B & Bs and Restaurateurs of the historic center and many private citizens who were made available for the realization and success of the event, such as Rocco Alessio, Giovanna Russo , Concetta Arcudi, Saverio Grillo, Giovanni Ciccopiedi, Letizia Via, Leonardo Grasso, Carmine Varrina, Esly Fortino, Nicola Polito, Giulia Frontera, Pasquale Ascione and the high school girls. The choreographic and enogastronomic aspect of the recreation should not be underestimated, in fact in the area of ​​the Valley and in the neighborhood of the Annunziata numerous stands were installed creating a real market of the time with the proposal of products typical to taste for all fans, by the restaurant Antica Masseria and the restaurant Onde Blu de Cariati. Some rooms of the Palazzo Chiriàci Museum, curated by Assunta Scorpiniti, were also inaugurated for the occasion and hosted an exhibition on antique threads with a demonstration of the loom processing. The idea of ​​the organizers was to create the most truthful atmosphere possible by creating banners, tapestries and even costumes with recycled materials artistically adapted for use with the help of Filomena Grillo. Clothes from the Teatro Massimo in Palermo and purchased by the association thanks to the help of some supporters who contributed to the purchase also paraded for the occasion. A special thanks to those who made the place available for the change of clothes of the many participants: Don Gino, Maria Elena Ciccopiedi, Leonardo Trento. The whole show was very successful because of the beautiful atmosphere created, so much so that it provoked the popular acclaim of a replica in August. The realization of these great events requires the collaboration of all and we hope that these beautiful initiatives will find more and more response and acceptance in the population so that they become active citizens for the common good and the development of our country. .

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